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Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

Universal Laws Versus Man-Made Laws

By: Barbara Ferrell

We all know what man-made laws are. A legislative body votes to enact a system of rules that regulates human actions. Legislators, however, often make human laws to benefit themselves. For example, what happens when voters become disenfranchised by crooks taking over a government who will then use taxes for personal gain? (This isn’t about […]

Guiding Hands

By: Barbara Ferrell

That move us along aren’t always gentle. Life Paths aren’t limited to numerology definitions. If reincarnation is reality then our existence ebbs and flows like the sea to the shore. It moves throughout the Universe and is not limited to this dimensional space. Why we exist and what is our purpose are good questions that […]

What if What We Believe is Wrong?

By: Barbara Ferrell

That’s a question we will all face sooner or later. Perhaps, though not always possible, being sooner is better. Dogma walks on a tight leash and has no tolerance for straying. Burning, beheading, battering behaviors are all consequences embedded into subconscious minds from eons of past lives to remind Seekers not to do so. Not […]

Dimensional Social Networking

By: Barbara Ferrell

I’ve been chewing on this title for sometime. I didn’t know how to approach it. I don’t like to write frivolous blogs unless I have something to say. I leave that to my Twitter nnnTheCode feed. Anyway, I’m sure that I’ve alluded to this topic before. So what was there to say, really? I dropped […]

Dimensions of Dreaming

By: Barbara Ferrell

Are our dreams merely subconscious thoughts suppressed by our consciousness, exploring activities of the last 24 hours brought on by heavy or spicy meals as some dream experts say? If we view dreams as a one-dimensional conception, we will never understand the complexities of dreaming that helps explain our lives as connected to the cosmos. […]

Again Token Rock is Ahead of the Curve

By: Barbara Ferrell

I just returned from Token Rock’s new section under Inspiration entitled Sound Center. Token Rock again proves it is not lagging behind as just another pretty face. The articles point out that using sound as a healing device is not a new idea, but a long-buried ancient practice that some current cultures still apply. The […]

Dimensonal Travel into the Future

By: Barbara Ferrell

About half a dozen years ago or so, I was reclining on the couch in my livingroom. While fully conscious and awake, suddenly, in a swooping sensation I was outside my picture window. While outside I noticed that a dusting of snow was on the grass and sidewalk. No sooner was I outside than I […]

Reincarnation Makes Sense

By: Barbara Ferrell

How in the world can the Universe or Multi-verses work logically without reincarnation? Why does belief in one supernatural being rule out reincarnation? If everyone learns and grows individually through experiences of reincarnation, does one supernatural being need to exist? A religious friend once insisted, ‘Life cannot exist without life,’ as his argument for one […]

Science Legitimizes Age-old New Age Concepts

By: Barbara Ferrell

Scientists have not been sitting on their hands or the sidelines regarding legitimizing esoteric topics that many conservatively religious individuals have doubts about. The ‘History International’ channel that more often debunks esoteric topics recently aired a program titled, ‘Science of the Soul.’ The two-hour show aired four or five segments. Segment number one was the […]

Ohm or Om or Aum

By: Barbara Ferrell

Some Wise Ones say that Om/Ohm and Aum are soundless sounds that run throughout the Universe. Web sites say that we pronounce Om/Ohm and Aum the same way—saying both the ‘o’ and ‘au’ vowels using the long ‘o’ vowel. What? So, again, I’m doing it wrong?! To my understanding, Om and Ohm pronounce with the […]