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Universal Laws Versus Man-Made Laws

Jul 11, 2012

We all know what man-made laws are. A legislative body votes to enact a system of rules that regulates human actions. Legislators, however, often make human laws to benefit themselves.

For example, what happens when voters become disenfranchised by crooks taking over a government who will then use taxes for personal gain? (This isn’t about voter ID laws that prove one has a legal right to vote.) To whom, do these crooks answer when, perhaps, as a City Council they vote to choose their members in lieu of elections? Who do citizens turn to for recourse or protection? Possibly, they can go to the Secretary of their respective States to restore their vote. Perhaps, the Secretary of State may tell citizens nothing can be done because the City is sovereign.

We think that we’ve overcome injustice of those who would enslave people once we left England when kings and queens ruled. Small cities all across the country are left open to despots. This happens every day when citizens are not engaged, have other priorities, or just don’t care about what happens in this world, but fixate on the next world. If all politics are local, the country is also up a creek when people in the federal government, hijack the country for their benefit.

People seem to have written (what they think are some gods laws) down on paper or tablets. These are not Universal Laws. Universal Laws are more like natural laws or Mother Nature, so to speak. They are like Spring following Winter. Spring doesn’t come on a specific date as a man-made calendar demands, but in its good time.

We know that Buddhist Monks meditate, to change the world for the better. What do they focus on? We can never know what is in their minds. We know, however, that Buddhist Monks are, for the most part, selfless. Therefore, would they meditate, to change the world into their personal views of what it should be like? Being selfless, they probably wouldn’t. Then how can they effectuate positive change?

If they understand Universal Laws, they leave change to Mother Nature. They might, e.g., encircle a negative person or situation in light or chant various phrases or sounds. This in turn may alert Caretakers or Guardians of the Universe to a problem.

Human nature predisposes us to having changes made as we see fit. What are Universal Laws, however? Self preservation is a Universal Law. This might seem selfish since many take preservation to the extreme of preserving only the Self, without concern for others.

Does a Universe think as humans think? Mere humans can’t know how the Universe thinks. A human can only observe the Universal response to the actions of those using meditation to cause positive change. Will the Universe trip despotic legislators down a flight of stairs, hurting them to where they are unable to continue negative actions toward the citizenry? This may be what humans might want. Yet, in the overall scheme, what does a Universe do that benefits both parties? So that one party no longer oppresses another, understanding what oppression really does when inflicted onto others.

What would a Universe want? Self preservation is what the Universe wants. Without self preservation the Universe cannot exist. Therefore, it wants existence. It cannot exist eternally with those tending the gates who are self-destructive toward others whose actions only continue their own existence and diminish the Life Forces of others.

Those who see the Universe in play know through experience what to do. We have phrases about Santa Claus knowing if we are good or bad. We put into simple words, phrases, and allegories what we cannot express through knowing something we have not experienced.

When we meditate to make changes to an out-of-kilter world, often impressions come to us of what to do about a situation, making us the Guardians. Is it Guides who are giving answers, who observe situations from behind a screen between worlds, like the Wizard of Oz?

This still involves human interactions. Is one dependent upon the other – Beings and the Universe? The Planet could probably exist without one human on it. Also, the Universe would probably do as well without human intervention. Nevertheless, since we do exist together, we work together. Some need to call the Universe, ‘god’ so they can understand the workings of what they cannot know through lack of experience that inhibits their vibration from invariable ones.

Impressions lead those attuned to the Universe toward positive goals. Impressions are also accumulations of past and current life experiences, along with sensing what others project when attuned to or understanding human nature.

Experiences aren’t always easy. The problem with human nature is that people want to enter the ‘gates of heaven’ the easy way, based only on beliefs, not actions. People want others to stand up for them, to fix problems they don’t equip themselves to handle. They want to live selfish, self-centered lives that go undisturbed with fixing problems of this world, merely enjoying the bounty of it.

Governments are rarely representative because government is not some entity unto itself, but made up of people – not always good, but bad who use it to their advantage. People in the lower realms of the Reincarnational Plane might not care to elevate their vibrations when this world was profitable. They don’t exist in a vacuum and would have clues to the operation between dimensions and might use them to stay with loved ones. Only a man-made rule would exist that insists people return to ‘The Kingdom of Heaven.’ The Universe is indifferent. It only cares when people become ultimately destructive. Does it respond through a conscious effort in the way that humans think? We can’t understand so we personify the Universe into some god with human form and foibles.

Often writers as channels give clues to the vast dimensional Universe in themes they write about. Maybe people entrenched in materialism can’t take it with them, but they can return to it. No, a bank account won’t be waiting, but people do wait. Think of the difficulty we have, giving up our pets, let alone loved ones. We assure ourselves that they are waiting for us, when in fact, even pets may have a life path different from our own.

Numbers in No Nonsense Numerology—The Code give clues how to learn lessons to raise vibration should that become more important than continually reincarnating into this world.

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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