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Archive For Numerology

What Your Life Path Number Means

By: Steven
Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical meaning. Each number has its vibrational energy. In a Numerology chart, your life path number is critical. It reveals the talents, challenges, and opportunities you will encounter during your lifetime. The number is determined by your birth date, and it tells you about who you are [...]

Family Relationships: The Healing Power of Numerology

By: Nancy Laine

People can easily be misunderstood. I had an experience recently that opened my eyes to a new understanding of human compassion. During our family reunion, a relative who was stereotyped as a geek and an insensitive person, participated in a sharing circle where we used Numerology reports to generate discussion. This wonderful man, who had […]

Happy Birthday to Avtar Nordine Zouareg

By: Nancy Laine

I’m sitting here in Prescott, Arizona thinking about my amazing friend Avtar who is celebrating a very special birthday today. Quite a monumental occasion considering that when he was born he wasn’t expected to live. Most people know Avtar is a Mr. Universe Champion, but fewer know the whole inspiring story about how he got […]

What did 2012 hold for YOU?

By: Nancy Laine

Can you believe it’s December 15th already? Looking back on 2011 — which has been a 7 Personal Year for me — I’m reminded of a couple lines from my personal Numerology report which read: ‘This is a year for inner growth. It is your spiritual and mental presence that requires attention. Improve the quality […]

Happy Birthday to Byron Katie, a 16/7 Life Path Well-Lived

By: Nancy Laine

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Byron Katie, one of my favorite people alive on this planet today! Byron Katie is an American speaker and author who teaches a profound method of self-inquiry known as ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ or simply ‘The Work.’ Born on Dec. 6, 1942 as Byron Kathleen […]

Guiding Hands

By: Barbara Ferrell

That move us along aren’t always gentle. Life Paths aren’t limited to numerology definitions. If reincarnation is reality then our existence ebbs and flows like the sea to the shore. It moves throughout the Universe and is not limited to this dimensional space. Why we exist and what is our purpose are good questions that […]

Happy 61st Birthday Sir Richard Branson!

By: Nancy Laine

Wanted to officially wish Sir Richard Branson, one of my favorite people in this world, a very Happy Birthday! Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born on July 18, 1950, sixty-one years ago today. Lots of you who’ve been fans of Numerology for some time now will be able to appreciate that Richard is a 22 […]

In Fond Memory of Dudley Moore, Our Beloved ‘Arthur’

By: Nancy Laine

One of my favorite British actors, Dudley Moore, would have been 76 today. He was born on April 19, 1935. Can’t believe he’s been gone 9 years already, seems like just yesterday I heard the news. One of the funniest, most talented people to ever live, Dudley stood 5’2½’ tall, often made fun of his […]

Numerology and Your Business Relationships

By: Nancy Laine

Just the other day, a client and friend of mine were discussing how Numerology has deepened and solidified his business relationships. I had recently sent him Numerology reports on three potential clients that he was considering doing business with. He told me that the insights he received from the reports provided him with valuable, detailed […]

Jack Welch: Happy 75th Birthday Jack!

By: Nancy Laine

Happy 75th Birthday to Jack Welch! Jack is best known for having been the CEO of General Electric for 20 years, but to me as a Numerologist, I will always think of him as being one of the best testaments to the power of the 3 Life Path I have ever seen. At birth, Jack […]