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In Fond Memory of Dudley Moore, Our Beloved ‘Arthur’

Apr 19, 2011

One of my favorite British actors, Dudley Moore, would have been 76 today. He was born on April 19, 1935.

Can’t believe he’s been gone 9 years already, seems like just yesterday I heard the news.

One of the funniest, most talented people to ever live, Dudley stood 5’2½’ tall, often made fun of his own height, and most certainly deserved the nickname of ‘Cuddly Dudley’.

I was touched to see that his gravestone reads ‘Cherished Friend, Celebrated Musician, Actor and Comedian’.

Probably best known for his role in the movies 10, Arthur, Bedazzled, and 6 Weeks, Dudley had millions of loyal fans, including me.

If you loved the movie Arthur as much as I did, you’ll most likely be amused to learn that Dudley’s Life Path number was 14/5 — a path famous for its tendencies towards…shall we say ‘excess’? — as well as a delightful passion for living life to the fullest! (I should know, that’s my number, and lots of my closest friends’ as well!)

And just as significant as his ‘spirited’ Life Path number, Dudley’s Expression was 22, a ‘Master Number’ often found in the charts of highly gifted, intuitive, and influential people.

That was Dudley alright. You couldn’t help but love him!

In honor of the anniversary of his birthday today, here are a few quotes by our beloved Dudley Moore (and Arthur himself — God rest his soul!)

‘The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.’

‘I’m always looking for meaningful one-night stands.’

‘I certainly did feel inferior. Because of class. Because of strength. Because of height. I guess if I’d been able to hit somebody in the nose, I wouldn’t have been a comic.’

Susan: ‘A real woman could stop you from drinking.’
Arthur: ‘It’d have to be a real BIG woman.’

Arthur: ‘You’re a hooker? Jesus, I forgot! I just thought I was doing GREAT with you!’

Arthur: ‘I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.’

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