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Organizations, facilitators, artists, researchers, self-empowerment professionals or academic individuals and institutions seeking an avenue of promotion should consider working with Token Rock, Inc.

Advertising in Token Rock’s publications will provide you with instant exposure to individuals and communities around the world who are engaged with self-improvement, self-empowerment, inspiration, world travel, the sciences, spirituality, and alternative points of view.

Some of the best reasons to advertise with Token Rock are:

  • As a developing new media resource and portal for self-empowerment and inspiration, Token Rock lends credibility to any individual or organization with a positive message to share—related initiative, project, or product.
  • Placing an ad on will connect you to our broad international network. Including forward-thinking, open-minded individuals, professionals, critics, journalists, scientists, teachers, and students, Token Rock’s diverse and constituency encompasses leading thinkers in many different fields that cut across cutting-edge sciences such as quantum physics, human exploration, historical events, oneness research, spirituality, and personal health.
  • Token Rock’s reach stretches across the U.S. and throughout the world with visitors, Journal members, and Contributors based around the globe.

You can advertise on the sidebar of our pages or on our e-newsletter, Token Rock Awakenings, or both, to reap the benefits of devoted and active readerships.

Statistics and ad rates available on request.’s Front Page is the channel through which all our editorial content can be accessed. It features original coverage of workshops and lectures and more by Token Rock’s international network of Contributors and lecturers while our Inspiration Center offers deep research of over 200 different subjects with links to archival resources.

Token Rock Awakenings comes out every month as an e–newsletter, presenting a summary of the most compelling events, articles, and announcements in the field of self-empowerment and belief systems. Each edition features lead-ins to in-depth articles written by our Contributors, as well as recommended books and more.

Advertising Submission Guidelines:

We offer limited ad sizes measuring either 141 X 302 pixels (on the right side) or 265 X 84 pixels (located on the main Inspiration Center page). Logos or graphics must be under 125 x 125 pixels.

For more information or to place an ad, contact