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Again Token Rock is Ahead of the Curve

Apr 13, 2011

I just returned from Token Rock’s new section under Inspiration entitled Sound Center. Token Rock again proves it is not lagging behind as just another pretty face. The articles point out that using sound as a healing device is not a new idea, but a long-buried ancient practice that some current cultures still apply. The brilliant Richard Merrick and others illuminate the conception so clearly, who would want to ingest polluting chemical pharmaceuticals ever again?

I’m sure most of us are aware of the soothing affects of music while meditating. The articles in the Sound Center made me recall my feelings about some aggressive and hostile styles of music. That they may induce and increase anger, rather than assuaging it. So, I have no doubt that music can soothe the savage beast in all of us.

The articles analytically crystalize how music accomplishes this. Thumbs up Token Rock for adding this feature.

When the Administration and Congress flaunted the health care bill, though futile, I made my objections known. If those in Washington really gave a rat’s rump about the health of citizens, they’d have funded alternative medicines that really do heal, not merely mask symptoms.

I know from firsthand experience. For almost a decade the late great herbalist Dr. Sidney Yudin genuinely healed my ailments. Dr. Yudin spoiled me. He didn’t farm patients, but sincerely cared to cure them, not profit from them. He was the most celebrated herbalist to come this way in a very long time, granting, of course, that Granny Clampett may have had one up on him. 😉

As one example, I once scraped my thumb on an old refrigerator while defrosting it. My thumb, split open. The muscle immediately went into shock and came out of the skin. If I’d have left it that way, a large ugly scar would have formed. Though only taking a few classes from Sidney, he treated me long enough that I knew what Comfrey did. I happened to have some on hand. I boiled water, dunked a pouch of it into a cup, and made a poultice. Slapping the bag on my thumb, the swollen muscle immediately reduced, and shrunk back beneath the skin. The gapping wound zipped up literally before my eyes. That quickly!

Though not from Missouri, but having the ‘show me’ mentality of needing proof, I removed the poultice to see what would happen. The muscle immediately reasserted itself and reopened the slit in my thumb. I slapped on the Comfrey bag again. The muscle reduced and returned beneath the cut that once more began to close. I wanted to be sure that my eyes weren’t fooling me. So, I repeated this procedure. I also put water on the wound to check that it wasn’t just the moisture. Plain water did nothing. My eyes weren’t playing tricks. I slapped the Comfrey poultice back on the wound and left it. In a matter of moments when the wound entirely closed as the muscle came out of shock I took it off. When the wound closed entirely, it stayed that way. It didn’t take weeks or even days for healing. The healing was immediate. Today, I know where the slight scar is supposed to be, but can hardly see it where it could have been a gross reminder of my carelessness.

Surely oversight is important to ensure producers have legitimate products without banning herbal products that really do work. Congress could have secured procedures in the healthcare bill to ensure this. Instead, they ignore alternate healthcare, other than to erode and eliminate health supplements that can prevent illness.

Think how plastic surgeons could put Comfrey and other herbs to good use, not merely using scalpels and sutures. That said, herbs cannot set bones. All legitimate medical practices should be options. Switching monies from Medicare to corporate bailouts, or new billing practices will not improve healthcare. Forcing people to buy insurance policies that prescribe only to orthodox medicine is a travesty that benefits big drug companies. Only changing the practice of heath care, allowing citizens options to legitimate alternative medicines will reform healthcare as we know it. Studies into the healing attributes of sound, acupuncture, and herbs should have been part of the healthcare bill.

The nanny state wants to tell people how they are to treat their own bodies. Nevertheless, anyone at anytime can study and practice alternate medicine, without getting permission from government. This puts us in charge of our own healthcare to supplement modern medical procedures when necessary.

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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