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Guiding Hands

Nov 14, 2011

That move us along aren’t always gentle.

Life Paths aren’t limited to numerology definitions. If reincarnation is reality then our existence ebbs and flows like the sea to the shore. It moves throughout the Universe and is not limited to this dimensional space. Why we exist and what is our purpose are good questions that multitudes have asked over aeons.

Some think we are to serve a god or higher power. If meaning that we are to learn goodness, nothing can be wrong with that. Genuflecting for favors, however, seems like bargaining with our souls. Also, if we exist merely to accumulate wealth, we may very well limit our existence to this earth plane. Would the Universe have long-term use for those with this limited self-serving mentality?

Apart from numerology Life Path numbers, we may have a Life Path job, mission, assignment, or duty that we accepted. This duty surely ranges from raising one individual to be a purposeful adult to what is much more complicated, involving many others.

Who accepts such assignments? It seems only logical that individuals who have accomplished greatly in physical earthly matters such as arts and sciences know more than those on the first rung of the ladder. This accomplishment might earn them a key toward advancing to higher dimensions. One might, however, do a job for its own sake, i.e., it is a job needing to be done, and everyone else stepped backwards when asked who is willing.

If we lose memory of an afterlife dimension upon reincarnation, how can we get to our destination? First, why should or would we lose memory of an ethereal pre-life existence? If it is better than this one, yearnings like ‘ET’ wanting to phone home might obstruct completing an assignment. We couldn’t tolerate being here. This longing hinders and confuses many who have such memories. Think of those who so long to get to heaven that they forgo living in this world. Fear of doing something wrong blocks enjoyment and living fully in this world.

How do we complete assignments by ourselves, or do we? Some of us may think that we got to great heights solely on our own. Honestly, do any of us accomplish goals alone? Have we met someone, who gave us a hand that propelled us onward? A ticket agent unexpectedly upgrades us to first class where we sit next to someone who becomes significant to our lives. A teacher gives a criticism that resonates so much that we take measures to better ourselves. An apartment becomes available in a building where we like the manager instead of one next door that burns down, killing everyone.

If we lose memories upon reincarnation, then others do as well. Who guides us along like a dog leading a blind person? Are Guides more Friends than Teachers? Might it be important to know who are our Friends and what are their intentions? Spiritual Teachers in this dimension may help us know this safely.

Those Friends living in other dimensions must keep our memories until we are ready to recall them. We can rehearse, in higher dimensions, like actors for a play before reincarnation, until we program our subconscious to get on a plane or not. That might, however, leave crucial circumstances to chance. If the plane crashes, we might not be where our job requires us to be if we’re on it. Did intuition, not to board, come from Friends?

That said, definitely, not everyone is on the same rung of the ladder. We’d all fall off otherwise with no one to catch us. We have to have Friends who are living in other dimensions. This means we must at one point, say our goodbyes. We have to let go. Life teaches us through deaths of parents, siblings, friends, and pets to let go. Do we sit on clouds waiting for life to come to us or do we move throughout the Universe to be where needed?

Life will kick us harshly down the road like a boy kicking a can, if we must absolutely be at another destination and are dawdling. Of course we don’t always know where we are to be. If we knew, this might break the Super-Conscious hypnotic spell. We might very well say, ‘What?! How stupid am I to do that?! No way Jose! Get some other fool!’ Not every mission or job comes with applause or aplomb. Some jobs are down right dirty, taking much grit to accomplish.

Life might partner or pair us with those who treat us badly to get us moving down the road toward our goal like adult birds kicking fledglings from the nest. Therefore, how can we hate these people? They were only doing their jobs. Granted, if their jobs were to be cruel, they’d have to consciously know what they were doing. Then they wouldn’t play their parts that those, writing the play of our lives deemed necessary. So likely, they had the disposition to be cruel. They are in need of sympathy, not hatred. They are like politicians with bad character as opposed to ones with good character, giving us the alternative from which to choose as leaders.

Once completing their cruel jobs, these individuals need to heal. They need Friends to help them rise to higher dimensions too, who show them the ropes on the rungs of the ladder to experience a dimensional Universe.

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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