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What if What We Believe is Wrong?

Oct 19, 2011

That’s a question we will all face sooner or later. Perhaps, though not always possible, being sooner is better.

Dogma walks on a tight leash and has no tolerance for straying. Burning, beheading, battering behaviors are all consequences embedded into subconscious minds from eons of past lives to remind Seekers not to do so. Not only the Punished, but the Perpetrators live among us. Some extract pleasure from their beliefs as it is my contention that some sociopaths use religion to justify their own demented desires by torturing those they consider heretics. Some use and have used religion to control others. They are impotent to the winds of change, feeling securer when oppressing others by their beliefs whether true or not. Some people will lie to themselves and others to keep faith with their doctrines, defiantly and desperately clinging to their illusions. Some with religious faith have no tolerance for any other way of thinking, identifying too heavily with their particular brand and not the general goodness of humanity.

My book irks Christian and New Age thinkers alike. Both, for conversely different reasons, of course. I once had dinner guests, some were of Christian faith. I’d just received the galley copy of my book and was making corrections. Shamefully, I touted it. While it was in the hands of one guest, I happened to mention that it only expresses the ‘yin and yang’ of behavior when asked what it was about. The book almost hit the floor should I not have caught it. The guest saying, ‘Well, (humph) I don’t know anything about that,’ reacting as though, she needed garlic or a cross.

What? Yin and Yang? Those are adopted ‘new age’ terms, but only refer to being opposites, nothing that is wicked. Those strictly steeped in Christian beliefs can’t abide any knowledge beyond their dogmas.

New Age believers can’t abide that I discovered origins of meanings of numbers being Christian philosophy. Surmising, this only means that those who aligned the alphabet were free thinkers, using numerology to leave humanity an easy blueprint for evolving behavior for the better. Whether or not they consciously knew, exactly what they were doing or if they were channeling information, who could know? No documentation points to them knowing what they left behind in the alphabet. Those who had the last say about the meaning of numbers were Sir James Pitman, collaborating with C.N. Fellows and D.H.J. Schenck, who designed ‘The Initial Teaching Alphabet.’

Everyone evolves. When faced with facts when transferring from one conscious space to another, we can keep our heads in the sand or pull them out and open our eyes. Is it better to believe nothing than something that blinds us?

So many, want rewards for having their beliefs like an eternal place among the gods. A liberal talk show jockey has a saying, ‘It’s nice to be nice.’ Nonbelievers aren’t necessarily evil, but are good simply for its own sake, receiving nothing for being good. Isn’t this the ultimate way to be?

Good parents and teachers show us how to live on our own without clinging to them. They would have to, i.e., death finds us all and separation eventually occurs for one reason or another. Being that the Universe is wondrous, we never know what to expect next. That is a very good parent and teacher, who teach without strings.

Why I should be the one to discover this method of numerology, is beyond me. When in parochial school at three years of age, I knew the Universe was not as the Bible described. ‘I’m three years old,’ I told myself. Well, I really thought, ‘What? I’m a three-year-old. What do I know?’ I believed in reincarnation when my family nor anyone else ever brought up the topic. When leaving home at seventeen, I went on a journey of discovery to learn why I knew this even at a young age. My journey didn’t lead me toward what I knew was wrong, but in a more eclectic new age direction.

Maybe, I discovered the origins of numerology definitions because my Mercury is in the sign of a Libra, making me a fair-minded person. I also understood psychology basics from extensive reading for one of my occupations.

Never in my book do I emphatically state that my findings are The Source of All Truth, and The Only Truth, or for that matter true. They are my findings after analyzing letters beneath numbers One through Nine of the Pythagorean method of numerology. Because the letters (fox) fall beneath the number Six (6) is not my fault. A fox is an animal and an animal is a euphemism for beast. I didn’t place the letters. I contend that those who made the final alignment of the Latin alphabet had more influence on current definitions of numerology than did Pythagoras. I’m sorry if this doesn’t sit well. No Nonsense Numerology—The Code is only a blueprint that shows how to rise vibrations to an immutable realm. Who could object to this? Other than, perhaps, someone bent on badness.

We are free (these days and in this country) to believe what we wish. This time is very good for living for those wishing to discover what the Universe is more likely to be than the rigid creation some strictly contend.

What happens to those steeped in dogma, unable to warm to other ideas of being when they pass over? Suspecting that they get vengefully angry is easy. While others may be so confused that they brood, hopelessly unable to rise from depression.

The very first tier in the lessons of these numbers in One (1) is to (Adjust). This lesson must be so important that it confronts us directly, so to initially carry it through to other lessons of numbers. To hang-loose might be a more modern term, but a lesson for all of us to learn. Because once we get there, undoubtedly other dimensions will be different from indoctrinated dogmas or even remembered interpretations.

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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