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Family Relationships: The Healing Power of Numerology

Mar 5, 2013

People can easily be misunderstood. I had an experience recently that opened my eyes to a new understanding of human compassion.

During our family reunion, a relative who was stereotyped as a geek and an insensitive person, participated in a sharing circle where we used Numerology reports to generate discussion.

This wonderful man, who had previously been devalued by family members and relatives, opened up as his Numerology report was presented to the group. For the first time ever, he expressed his true desires and current thinking that had created the misconceptions related to his being and soul.

We all discovered amazing revelations behind his expression and were humbled by his silent commitment and support for his family. As his true Heart’s Desire was expressed, we discovered he was previously involved in the arts and desperately wanted to return to his life’s work and love.

He recounted stories of accomplishments in the creation of sets and ambiance for theater productions, and expressed his plans to return to the theater as his children grew and were cared for and independent.

Most importantly, the people who were privileged to witness his expression were moved to a new understanding of this magnificent being, in addition to a feeling of support and compassion as a new side of this man was revealed.

Premature cognitive commitments should be recognized and guarded against, as the true magnificence of an individual is manifested by a combination of his desires and the environment in which he finds himself. Such environments can be invigorating and supportive — or stifling.

Choose your expression and support, knowing that within each of us is a king or queen striving to transcend our obscurations, and claim the kingdom within that we are destined to rule.

Comment below, and then use our Life Path Number Calculator and Expression Number Calculator to get further insight in to yourself or someone close to you.

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