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Numerology and Your Business Relationships

Feb 6, 2011

Just the other day, a client and friend of mine were discussing how Numerology has deepened and solidified his business relationships. I had recently sent him Numerology reports on three potential clients that he was considering doing business with.

He told me that the insights he received from the reports provided him with valuable, detailed information about the tendencies, passions and characteristics of each of his potential business partners. He firmly believes it gave him an ‘edge’ on exactly how to go about building each of those business relationships as they continue to develop.

I had also provided a personal report for a friend of his who had recently lost his job and was looking for work. My friend told me that the report gave his friend a solid sense direction and hope. He continued to say that his friend now feels much more confident in pursuing a new career path.

In fact, his friend was so impressed that he ordered a report on his wife. He was concerned about how his career change was affecting their marriage, and wanted insight on how to deal with the stress and uncertainty of their situation as a ‘team’ so they can keep their marriage strong.

His wife has already thanked me for the report, and it just goes to show the different ways Numerology can affect our lives in both our personal and business relationships.

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