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Science Legitimizes Age-old New Age Concepts

Feb 6, 2011

Scientists have not been sitting on their hands or the sidelines regarding legitimizing esoteric topics that many conservatively religious individuals have doubts about. The ‘History International’ channel that more often debunks esoteric topics recently aired a program titled, ‘Science of the Soul.’ The two-hour show aired four or five segments.

Segment number one was the most interesting and revealing. It regarded a young boy who at a very young age of two began having nightmares. His parents were doubting conservative Christians. To make a long segment brief, the boy took them on a wild ride. They went with him because they were loving parents who wanted to get to the bottom of his distress. The show clearly proved this boy was the person he said he was in his previous life. He knew his name, how he died in war, where his sister lived, and other information that only the individual, he claimed to be, would know. Though elderly, his sister still lived. He asked her for a painting their mother painted that only he and his sister knew existed. Many other details proved this boy’s account. The parents wanted him to live as the person who he is in this life. So, they discouraged continued investigation when his sanity was not in question or that he was making up stories. Once the boy understood his connection to his past life, it receded from his present where he began living.

The show interviewed Paul DeBell, PhD who studies patients using past life regression. Other scientific minded psychiatrists studied more than 2,500 accounts over a period of decades of children claiming past lives. They concluded that around ages two to three years is when memories begin to surface. After ages six or seven they found memories of a preexistence begin to fade and children become who they are in this life. [Many individuals, however, continue discovering past lives throughout their current existence when aware of effects on psyches of past life phenomena.]

Skeptics feel cases like the young boy’s are circumstantial at best. Religious critics believe that Americans are merely drawn to reincarnation because life is good here. They feel individuals concoct reasons to remain rather than going onto an eternal place that religious zealots believe is the ultimate of existence.

Scientists and scholars it seems have been curious about the afterlife for hundreds and even thousands of years. Egyptians and some Indian Tribes believed the soul resided in the heart, whereas de Carte believed it resides in the brain, i.e., ‘I think therefore I am.’ Current technology is allowing scientists to do more than speculate. Scientists are now able to map when consciousness leaves the body. They are using quantum physics to understand that the Universe is more wondrous and intricate than some religions can explain.

Dr. Peter Fenwick says, ‘Science says consciousness is limited to and generated by the brain.’ He went on to say, ‘The near-death-experience and cardiac arrest says something different. It says that when the brain is not functioning then consciousness can separate from the brain and it’s able to gain information, which becomes accessible when you regain consciousness.’ What Dr. Fenwick seems to say, is that people go somewhere and collect information before returning to their bodies during OBEs or NDEs.

Science is confirming what we who have had out-of-body experiences (OBE) and near-death-experiences (NDE) know firsthand. This is an astounding admission coming from the scientific community. Science may be forging ahead, while some religions would keep us chained to the past. Though OBEs and NDEs are nothing new. Thanks to technology, science is now catching up with the past and those of us who have always known the difference between mere dreams and genuine out-of-body experiences.

Why do some people automatically accept OBEs for what they really represent rather than translating them into stereotypical subconscious images collected twenty-four hours before bedtime after consuming spicy meals? We have to have been there to know. Those who are afraid of the wondrous Universe have not imprinted its reality onto their souls through fear and inability of venturing there.

Science is making so-called supernatural experiences safe and acceptable, removing them from the superstitious realms of some religious notions that have often terrorized people from contacting the complete dimensional Cosmos. When people become reassured that they are not going to burn in hell with some devil for eternity, they can throw off chains keeping them uninformed that holds them back.

Why are some people who believe, not dreaming let alone having OBEs? Perhaps, their personal vibrations limit them, not raising to reach other dimensions. Possibly, they sleep with pets whose physical touch binds their astral and physical bodies, making them unable to separate to explore dimensional worlds.

Oliver Fox’s book, ‘Astral Projection: A Record of Research’ is a short how-to book, making it easy to begin exploring a dimensional Cosmos. Unlike Robert A. Monroe’s books, ‘Journeys Out of the Body,’ ‘Far Journeys,’ and ‘Ultimate Journeys,’ it is not a terrifying exploration of personal perceptions of the Astral World.

The ‘Science of the Soul’ is serious work. Unlike shows where young people use infrared cameras and audio tapes, creating blurred images and garbled static that viewers are to accept as genuine spirit photographs and electronic-voice-phenomena. ‘Science of the Soul’ explains areas where science is advancing. It is worth checking out, though the History International channel does not have it scheduled to air again. These types of shows routinely re-air, but contacting them may promote a re-broadcast sooner.

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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