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What did 2012 hold for YOU?

Dec 15, 2011

Can you believe it’s December 15th already? Looking back on 2011 — which has been a 7 Personal Year for me — I’m reminded of a couple lines from my personal Numerology report which read:

‘This is a year for inner growth. It is your spiritual and mental presence that requires attention. Improve the quality of your life — read, contemplate and gain insight in yourself.’


‘Too much concern and desire for material rewards will turn this period of your life into a very bad experience indeed, while a ‘Let go and let God ‘ attitude will make this such a fruitful and pleasant year that you may find yourself wondering what you did to deserve this.’

Wow, has this ever been accurate for me! All year I’ve had a way-beyond-average desire to read and contemplate, thinking about what I truly want now at this time in my life. And it has definitely changed from a few years ago!

My long-time Numerology mentor, Hans Decoz, teaches that our lives run in cycles of 9 years (called ‘Personal Years’), and they begin on January 1st each year. Over the years I can’t help noticing that the overwhelming majority of people who contact me to order Numerology reports and personal consultations have tended to be either in a 1 or a 9 Personal Year.

In a 1 Personal Year, so many new things are beginning that we often need some guidance in plotting our course. And in a 9 Year it can be a bit challenging to resist the urge to jump prematurely into new ventures. Or allow the door to close on relationships we have outgrown — but we must!

What Personal Year has 2011 been for you? And if you’ve had the advantage of reading your personal Monthly Forecast Report, have you found them as helpful and accurate as I have?

Here’s wishing you a very happy holiday season from my home in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida to wherever you are in the world!

Click here for more information about scheduling a personal Numerology consultation with me which includes a written report and 2 years of Monthly Forecasts. (And remember, Numerology consultations and reports make great Christmas gifts since the new year is right around the corner. I’ll look forward to talking with you and your friends soon!)

Nancy Laine

Nancy Laine is an expert Numerologist who became interested in the ancient science of Numerology during her previous sales career in the Financial Services industry. After learning of a business manager in LA who was successfully using it to promote his celebrity clients, she decided to test it for herself. She sought personal training in the Pythagorean method from one of the world's top Numerologists, and soon rose to the top 2% of her company's sales team nationwide. Nancy later retired from the financial industry, committing to become a professional Numerologist -- at which point her teacher and mentor retired from his 30-year career and began referring his clients to her! Nancy's clientele now includes CEOs of major corporations, movie stars, artists, authors, producers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and professionals from all walks of life. Ironically, some of her favorite clients have been parents of gifted children who sought her guidance in becoming great mentors to their kids. 'Numerology is a shortcut to discovering our ‘Sacred Contract' in this life', she explained. 'It's so much fun to watch kids' eyes light up when I tell them about their special gifts. The more ‘gifted' they are, in fact, the more they seem to love Numerology. Just like adults! I've noticed the ones at the top are usually the most interested. They've always thought ‘out of the box' - that's what got them up there in the first place.' Widely known as 'The Matchmaker', Nancy also has a deep passion for connecting people with their soulmates for the Greater Good, both personally and professionally.

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