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Ohm or Om or Aum

Sep 28, 2010

Some Wise Ones say that Om/Ohm and Aum are soundless sounds that run throughout the Universe. Web sites say that we pronounce Om/Ohm and Aum the same way—saying both the ‘o’ and ‘au’ vowels using the long ‘o’ vowel. What? So, again, I’m doing it wrong?!

To my understanding, Om and Ohm pronounce with the long ‘o’ and Aum pronounces, stressing the soft ‘au’ vowels just as we spell them. Also, they have yin and yang functions. To my knowledge, Om/Ohm pulls in energy and Aum gives it out. Various web sites have the ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ chant also spelled differently from each other. So many beautiful chants! Which one do I choose? Do I choose by their sound or by their intention?

Those who find meditation obstructive when unable to ‘. . . remember what peace there may be in silence . . .’ may find this method received from the ‘Wise One’ to be helpful. [The partial quotation is from the Desiderata.]

Wise One: Rub your hands together while breathing deeply. Then pull the breath up from the Kundalini Chakara (the coiled one at the base of the spine). Sound the Om (long o) so that it resonates in your Head Chakara while placing your hands relaxed beside you or on your lap with your second finger and thumb touching together.

Dim One: Yes, but Julia Roberts used her forefinger and thumb in that movie about eating and praying. I’ll be doing that wrong too.

Wise One: Different strokes for different folks, or whatever works.

Dim One: Yes Wise One.

Wise One: Do not be sarcastic and, especially, do not kiss-ass. Do you address your friends in such an extravagant manner? And, only in sloppy scripts do characters constantly call each other by name.

Dim One: Yes Sir.

Wise One: Under this circumstance, that is appropriate. Just do not do it again.

Dim One: Yes Sir.

Wise One: What did I say?

Dim One: Sorry. :-s

Wise One: Shall we get back to our lesson?

Dim One: [Nods affirmatively.]

Wise One: Do this, three times, consciously pulling in universal energy and imagining white light encircling you. You want to take in more energy than you give out. Like giving from interest rather than capital, otherwise you will deplete yourself.

Dim One: But, banks no longer give detectable interest.

Wise One: You cannot let selfish people make you so. In this case, you may have to give from your capital. Your world is in a sad state of affairs. Make this a focus of meditation to bring about a better world so reincarnation will be pleasant. When your country goes to Hell in a handbasket, where will people go? It does not look like they are jumping the borders of Iran. Emigrating is easier for people than making the effort to change their own counties. So, put your focus on making this a greater country or even reincarnation will not be a place of escape.

Dim One: :-s huh?

Wise One: Let us get back to our lesson. After rubbing your hands together sound the Aum (the au) while pulling breath up from the Kundalini Chakara into your Head Chakara with hands opened outward to release the energy.

Dim One: I’ve seen people putting their hands above their shoulders. Do I do it like that?

Wise One: If you wish, however, under certain circumstances it will make you obvious. What if you need to meditate in a public place? By your side or in your lap is acceptable. Next, encircle those who need it in white light, whether it is one individual, many, or the world. You may play whichever beautiful music you choose at this time. It will encourage longer meditations. Let the Universe or others take care of your concerns in the most positive manner. But, be prepared to accept the outcome.

Dim One: Like the prayer about changing what we can and accepting what we cannot change?

Wise One: Exactly. By the way, while I am at it. I would like to put in a request for a friend. He is too humble or busy, granting this wish and that wish as though he is a butler, that he would never ask for himself. So, please tell your friends if they really love Jesus as they say, then please let him have his own life? Does no one suspect that he might enjoy watching a football game or a baseball game himself rather than having to do all the practicing and abstaining for other people? It is especially difficult when both teams are praying. He has to choose who begs the hardest. Jesus does not want to hurt feelings. He no longer has time to converse in enjoyment of shared company. We miss him. All he does is, hop from one person to the next, fixing this problem or that problem. Frankly, that individuals could fix themselves if they put their minds and backs to it. It is just a request. We know that is what we are here for: to help lazy, selfish, and unlearned people have successful and rewarding lives. Now you may get on with whatever you were discussing. Peace, be upon you.

Dim One: 😮 . . . okay. Well, uh, um :-s ??

Well, yes. I actually agree. As a child I had a Catholic friend who always prayed to get things. That bothered me. Why I don’t pray, I guess. It is usually for things we could get for ourselves.

Except, love. That was elusive no matter how hard I tried. Should I have prayed for it? I must not have cared all that much though, not praying for it. Though I did once cast a spell of sorts, using a pink candle a friend showed me, so I guess I was desperate. It didn’t work. I probably did it wrong. Well, she wasn’t a real witch. She just knew this incantation thingmajig.

Maybe it wasn’t part of my life plan to marry the love of my life. I had things to do that being happily married would have interfered with. I’m the loyal type. If I’d never met him, I might have married someone. So, perhaps, that was my life plan. Hum? Where’s the Wise One when you need him?

Wait one minute. What was that about accepting the outcome? Did he mean taking a good attitude if our wishes aren’t granted? Then why bother? Some things in life seem out of our control, but we want to make them better. Sometimes people are just so screwy they seem to derive pleasure from wrecking other peoples’ day. Wishing them away like Billy Mumy did in the old Twilight Zone episode might be fun, but not nice.

I have been running a little experiment on meditating. I used the aforementioned method as best I could under varying circumstances. Meaning: I didn’t always do it right. Nonetheless, it worked! Situations out of my control got better. I didn’t ask for specifics. Okay. Sometimes. It was like they got taken out of the in box and placed in the out box. Often, I had to do the leg work, but I seemed to know what to do and everything I did fell into place like perfectly aligned dominos. The results were rarely as I expected. Nevertheless, I was okay with the outcome.

Hum … accept the outcome. Is that what he meant? Well, that seems a reasonable response because we can’t always have what we want. Life won’t always go our way. It is really about taking a good attitude or just growing up.

Intention. Intention means aim or plan. Hum. It seems I didn’t have to chant just perfectly. Was it like Bach Flower Remedies? I don’t know why they worked when I used them decades ago, but they did. All I did was to declare my intention as I slipped the drops beneath my tongue and they worked. Wow! Was it my intention or the flower extracts? So, does it matter if we pray, chant, or meditate to unknown entities, the Universe, or some twinkling star?

Why and how does the Universe smooth over untoward circumstances? Is it really an indifferent Universe dispensing karma? Or, is it the interaction of dimensions? Oh, yeah, he told how. I hope he knows what he’s doing.

PS: The fictional dialogue was a composite of conversations turned into one or made up altogether for dramatic effect. 😉

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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