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Reincarnation Makes Sense

Feb 22, 2011

How in the world can the Universe or Multi-verses work logically without reincarnation? Why does belief in one supernatural being rule out reincarnation? If everyone learns and grows individually through experiences of reincarnation, does one supernatural being need to exist?

A religious friend once insisted, ‘Life cannot exist without life,’ as his argument for one supernatural being controlling everything. Apparently, life can neither exist without life nor a wife. Hum. My response was, ‘Then who created god?’ If this god created us in ‘his’ image, and ‘he’ apparently came from a vacuum of nothingness, wouldn’t we come into existence similarly? After asking my question, the air filled with silence. He could not answer because, though a very intelligent person, his reasoning was ingrained from childhood. My friend later admitted that he needs to believe that a god makes and rules all things because the world is becoming so corrupt, he couldn’t survive in it otherwise. That’s fair. Many religious people must feel that way. He at least knows the reason for his beliefs, but this is too bad. He deprives himself of knowing more wondrous worlds that very well might exist. Also, he deprives himself of actively working to make this world better. If a god made the world as it is, then it’s ‘his’ domain and ‘his’ problem.

From Neanderthals first sparking fire by rubbing stones together to going into outer space, how could we have done so without reincarnation? Perhaps, our cells had more intelligence than we did. Cells dividing and replicating got us here. Could they have taken charge of us in some form of self preservation, developing astral bodies like layers of onion skins in order not to die? Why would it be more amazing to create astral bodies than physical DNA altering form to survive?

Neanderthals did not worship ‘the god of the Universe.’ If they did not reincarnate, but became nonexistent upon death, offspring would learn only what parents taught them. The industrial age would have taken eons to achieve if it could come into existence at all.

Each Neanderthal would have been born an entirely blank canvas. So, to say each of us would be born a blank canvas. That is not what history shows. Newer generations are smarter and more adapted than previous ones. Where did they get this intelligence? From what did it evolve?

Is it not feasible that ‘American Idols’ were stars of the Silver Screen? Or, were they extras of silent pictures, dismayed that they never achieved stardom, so are still striving toward their dreams? Why can almost any ‘American Idol’ finalist out sing entertainers of yesteryear?

Do genes form in a way that improves the species through adaptation? Possibly. This is basically the Darwinian theory. Would genes be responsible for our extensive adaptations in such a short time? Scientists might find it difficult to prove that prodigies are strictly recipients of improved genes. How can they quantify where individuals’ souls come from before birth, or if they did come from elsewhere? Do individuals become imprinted with memories aligning DNA into patterns that improve from previous generations, or their own previous life memories? That would also be difficult to measure.

Perhaps, the reincarnation theory is the simplest and most direct answer. As technologies evolve to record paranormal phenomena, scientists one day might measure souls coming and going from this world to another dimension through the birth and death process.

If reincarnation is not a reality, could Mozart or other child prodigies exist? Oh yes, a fickle god bestows super intelligence to some over others with a coin toss. Why would Mozart be chosen over others? Did a god do this for Mozart’s or ‘his’ benefit? Was this god showing off as to say, ‘Look what I can do for you, if you are good little children who honor me?’ That seems like a selfish motive. If Mozart did not exist before conception, how did this god know him to grace him with musical talent? If this god knew Mozart in a heaven, why not let him play music there? Don’t angels play harps? Why not perfect talents there? Why come into a physical world at all?

When did this god create humans? Did ‘he’ not create Neanderthals too? Are we only smarter for the entrance of Jesus? People developed skills before his entrance.

Is it possible that space aliens tinkered with our DNA to implant knowledge they gained through eons? If aliens taught us what we know as a reason for our leaps and bounds of technology, they are still subject to the same physical laws. They would only know what their immediate predecessors taught them as blank canvases if reincarnation does not exist. Could they make advancements necessary to travel through space to teach us how to make better mouse traps?

Astronomers say that the Universe is expanding outwardly. The stars and planets that we see are hundreds of thousands of light years ahead of our evolution. If aliens are sharing technology to bring us along faster, their knowledge is eons ahead of where we would be. That, however, does not explain individual prodigies having advanced knowledge upon birth.

Are some humans, space aliens who came to this world? To enter human fetuses in a reincarnational process, space aliens would have to exist outside our time and dimension, so would not return to nothingness upon death.

If we bring back imprinted memories of what we learned in a prior life, this might explain those with superior intelligence and more talent. This would also mean that we retain our learned and developed character traits. We would not only retain good traits, but bad ones unless we work to rid ourselves of negative traits to change our imprinted soul patterns.

This may explain why some need to control citizenries. Rulers are as insecure as any other human being. Telling others how to live, they won’t need to scrutinize their own shortcomings. Are these people simply greedy and want to partake of generous perks? Are their egos so small that they need the glorification? The dogma of a god, benefits those in power that so many are willing to turn over to them. If we develop genuine goodness and independent intelligence, we won’t need gods and we surely won’t want rulers dictating to us. If we eliminate greed from our psyches, we don’t lie, cheat, and kill to gratify insatiable appetites. Societies need far fewer laws. Societies having fewer laws need fewer rulers for making laws. Politicians will be out of lucrative jobs.

If reincarnation does not exist and we go into nothingness upon death, why is improving character necessary? Why bother building better mouse traps or going to the moon? If our souls depart to a heaven or hell after one life why bother experiencing a physical existence? Some may think we do so only to greedily gobble up everything we can. Do we only come to a physical plane to make a perfect heaven better by bringing back what we learned? If we only came to Earth to learn goodness to live with some god for eternity, how did we initially become so corrupt that only having a physicality cures? Having only one mortal life to get it right seems like a chancy investment. Those who sincerely believe only one life exists may believe that stern biblical teachings are the only way to their heaven.

Belief in reincarnation is a far more liberating notion than worshiping one god in charge of everything who gives mortals one chance to learn sufficiently to get to heaven. We must not have become that corrupt. Observation, however, shows us differently. Some mortals are perfect examples of being psychologically twisted. Wouldn’t reincarnation offer more opportunities to straighten out twisted psyches?

If character flaws only exist from genetics or upbringing, why are not all siblings corrupted? Was it a roll-of-the-dice that one sibling got the good genes and one the bad genes when one turns to clergy and the other to crime? Do humans have two sets of gene types: good and bad? Or, were we just born as we were from previously lives?

Dimensional overseers may exist to guide us along. Without reincarnation, however, would they know enough to oversee anyone? What would be the need for overseers or guides? They would not exist anyway if beings simply turn to nothingness upon death.

If anyone can become the brightest kid on the block then those in charge have less power. It’s all about keeping us down on the farm, barefoot and pregnant. Only less than ordinary and mediocre people need to be in control of others to build their egos into feeling superior.

Of course, we live on a planet and dimension where different degrees of awareness exist. We need a scope of rules for social behavior that fits many for the common-good. However, legislation that monitors every nth degree of citizens’ conduct seems misguided. Laws often benefit donors, who, perhaps make products for monitoring citizens. Stolen identity is now the latest boogeyman. Someone is betting on that implanted computer chip to make himself rich.

Flagrant dictatorships rule through fear of stoning, beheading, and other atrocities. Those in so-called democracies cajole citizens into fearing personal harm from others when not operating as genuine representative governments reflecting the will of citizens. Governments are only as good as the people in them.

Here’s kudos to those around the world, who are reclaiming their Life Force. They are, in essence, saying that they have the right to exist in the best world possible. After all, it is a Four (4) year to help make, being (Made Victorious) a possibility.

If a god bestows talent or freedom as a gift then ‘he’ can take it away anytime just as dictators do. If we earn our talents, sovereignty, and intelligence through efforts in this life or a previous one, imprinting it onto our soul, it is ours forever. Well, other than to use it or lose it. 😮 … 😉

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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