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Dimensonal Travel into the Future

Mar 31, 2011

About half a dozen years ago or so, I was reclining on the couch in my livingroom. While fully conscious and awake, suddenly, in a swooping sensation I was outside my picture window. While outside I noticed that a dusting of snow was on the grass and sidewalk. No sooner was I outside than I swooped back into my body fully consciousness.

I went outside to see if it was snowing. It was not.

Two weeks later I awoke to a light snow on the ground. It was exactly as I had seen it two weeks earlier during my spontaneous conscious excursion.

From that, I surmised that future-time reflects in the distance we are from our bodies. The ten or twelve-foot outing that I took seemed to equal two weeks in the future.

This led me to suspect time-travel concerns dimensional time and space, not physical reality. I may be wrong as I’ve heard on a popular radio program from others who swear they are from the future. Who am I to dispute them? I’m sure more than one road leads to Rome.

One question. If some errant leader ends the world in an ill-advised misadventure, how far in the future would someone return to rectify it? Okay, so maybe I have two questions. Since, obviously, we eventually recovered because we have time travelers from the future, why bother redoing what went wrong because didn’t it turn out okay in the end? All right, I have three questions. So, bite me! Having recovered from some apocalypse, wouldn’t that make moot time-travel to fix it, instead just consenting to our future? Shouldn’t we prevent total destruction before it occurs? You’re right. I apologize. That was four. In my defense, they were rhetorical questions.

I’m sure many of us have heard of Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, and the current time that we have not named yet probably because we are still here. The fact that they existed in separate and past time frames suggest that rebuilding from the ground up over eons occurred rather than time travel repair. Or, we would still call ourselves the original Mu. As far as Atlantis goes, the time element of its existence is in question. Plato’s Atlantis is probably much like biblical accounts, more speculation or story telling than accuracy. We can prove neither.

I also suspected, but can’t prove, many came to the Earth from planets ahead of this one in time as well from higher dimensions to protest Bush’s wars. The tens of millions of worldwide protestors rarely got air time. Other than from alternate media news organizations like Link TV and Free Speech TV’s Amy Goodman’s ‘Democracy Now!’ Surprised?! Yes, the protests occurred. Interesting, how the ‘Tea Party’ gets so much air time when stopping an illegal war did not, even from so-called liberal media outlets.

This led to additional speculation. War protestors seemed to have this as a special mission. What if it were their sole inspiration for giving up their existence on other planets and dimensions to come here? Were these people exceptional? Some maybe. They were average people. In fact, some whom we would consider exceptional for their fame and fortune touted the wars, probably to satisfy their networks.

Why would these protestors give up their existence in, what might have been, better circumstances to do this? They must have realized, through where they were in space and time that war misadventures in this technical age could lead to catastrophic cosmic consequences. This suggests that the protestors were people with exceptional awareness, not mediocre at all.

My final question. Why are we here? This is not a rhetorical one. This is one we each must answer for ourselves. Are we here simply to experience sumptuousness of the physical world with all of its delicious foods, toys, and sex? Are we here to make a better world?

… stay tuned …

Barbara Ferrell

Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

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