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Disease and the Chakra System

Mar 1, 2011

There is such a misconception about the Charka System. Chakra is simply a Sanskrit word that means circle. Therefore within each of the Seven Chakras of Duality, there are the body’s physical systems which are connected to each of the Chakras. The old Duality Seven Chakra System is quite simple. Duality itself is quite simple also. This is the old paradigm of good/bad, right/wrong, wellness/illness, etc. You get the picture.

Now picture the relationship of your body, the tired worn out old Seven Chakra System with your Clear Consciousness and your health and illness. Is there a relationship or not? The relationship to your health or illness is dependent upon the clarity of your consciousness. If you are attached to the limited Belief Systems of Duality and caught up in all the judgments of the Duality Belief Systems, you will get sick. This is how the Seven Chakra System works within your body.

For example in your Heart Chakra, here is your trachea, esophagus, lungs, bronchi, glands, including your lymphatic system, breast, chest, sternum, ribs, arms, hands, scapula, bones, vertebrae, all the muscles, nerve endings, blood vessels, etc. All of the physicality of these parts of your consciousness can be and will be affected by your emotional body. Where ever your body may be the weakest, is where the body breaks down and gets sick.

This occurs because of your emotional body which is attached to a circumstance, a situation, a person, a place or an experience in the past in which you did not feel you were in your power. You experienced a loss of your Self-power, whether you were completely aware of it or not. Your body experiences your loss of Self-power while your computer/brain can not compute it. Your computer/brain computes denial, while your body is forced to go along with the emotional issue.

When you are fearful, stressed out and ‘trying’ to live with multiple fears, especially the fear of the success and failure syndrome, your physical body is impacted by your emotional body. Your Chakra System is also affected. In whatever location, your body physically and emotional body are taxed with fear, your Chakra System is also affected.

Your energy gets stuck because you are caught in some sort of fear that you may or may not identify as to what the fear is. When this happens your body in which ever area is taking the emotional hit, you become ill.

If you are stressed about being lonely, alone, or abandoned, your Heart Chakra, for instance, may internalized these physical emotional issues. In your Heart Chakra, you can develop respiratory problems, lungs, bronchitis, tracheal problems, heart conditions, heart attacks, esophageal issues like cancer, upper back pain, front and back, breast cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the list goes on. You are getting the picture.

In your abdomen, which represents the past, and is your Creative/Sexual/Generative Chakra, you can be diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, intestinal and digestive problems, cancer of the colon, fibroids, lower back pain, even fertility issues. Again the list goes on as far as the emotional and physical issues can be labeled. Even chronic pain can be located in the various areas of your Chaka System. Your Chakra System is a consciousness in itself. If you are not conscious or connected to your Chakra System, you are not connected to what is occurring in those areas of your body. Your body is left high and dry while you are either out of body, or living in your head without any connection to your body. In a sense you ‘ain’t’ got no body and your body is fending for itself, while you are somewhere else.

When you are disconnected any of your systems, including the Chakra System, you are disconnected from your Self. Every system in your body is created to work together for your health and your harmony. Each system has a frequency and vibration. When one system is off, all the systems are off when you are not in harmony with your Self. If you consider your body like an orchestra, and one player is out of tune, the rest of the orchestra is out of tune and can’t carry the frequency and vibration for the one musician who is off key. This is a simple metaphor, yet a great illustration of what is going on in your body when you are off key somewhere in your systems.

You can not be in harmony with your Self when you are stressed, emotionally challenged. You must look at where your body is off key. When your body is in pain, your body is communicating with you, letting your know that you are out of alignment with some emotional attachment. Usually the emotional attachment is to some unresolved issued from the past. The only way to get your Self and all your systems back into alignment is to recognize, accept and then let go of the emotional issue or issues that are creating you physical traumas. Let go of the emotional attachment to the past. You can’t change it.

You get sick for a reason. Most of the time it is the emotional unreasonable reason that you are guilting your Self, blaming your Self, wronging your Self, or simply not believing enough in your Self that you makes your Self sick. If this seems to simplistic, it is this simple. Why make your Self sick over something that happened in the past that you can’t change. Why make your Self sick over something that you can not change?

All you can do is move forward not run from the past. When you run, you are dragging the past with you and the unresolved issues. Eventually the unresolved issues catch up with you, all the ones you have been ignoring and internalizing and you make your Self sick. You get sick in what ever Chakra you are internalizing the emotional issues. The emotional issues become the physical issues of illness or sickness.

The next time you feel off, direct your clear consciousness, not your emotions, to the area of your body that ‘feels off’, and ask your body… ‘What is going on? What are you telling me to look at?’ Your body has all the answers. Make sure you ask the questions correctly. Asking your body… ‘What is wrong? ‘This is not the correct question. Ask your body…’Why am I feeling off? What am I attached to in the past? What am I doing to cause this illness? ‘The clear answers will come. Stay the detached Non-Emotional Observer, you will get the answers. Better yet don’t get sick.

Embrace your body, your physical systems and your Chakra System, stay connected to your Self, and stay healthy. You don’t have to get sick, no matter what ‘they’ say. When you stay in charge of your body, your body will take charge of your health. You deserve to have a happy healthy body and your body believes it too!

Sherry Anshara

Sherry Anshara, Medical intuitive, is founder of her Phoenix Arizona-based QuantumPathic® Center of Consciousness, developer of the QuantumPathic Energy Method(sm), and developer/teacher of Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications courses. In her private practice she teaches individuals, couples and families locally, nationally and internationally how to connect to their cellular memory by using their intuition to consciously create their lives. Anshara is also the founder of the Blended Healthcare Consortium, a group of doctors, healthcare practitioners and business professionals who are dedicated to the mission of providing personalized solutions for individual wellness at every age and stage. Anshara authored 'The Age of Inheritance: The Activation of the Thirteen Chakras' and 'And the Point Is'?: Beyond Duality.'

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