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By: Salvador Russo

Mercury now transits the House of Pisces! The secret poisons of life will now be brought to light as knowledge and awareness of these things fills our minds. Exposures will come to duplicitous enemies that have been wearing masks to the world. Awareness will rise to those who live in hopelessness and suffering that will […]

Resolve to Get Real

By: Wayne Dyer

Forget about those New Year’s resolutions in which you decide on the first day of January how you will be conducting your life in September, some nine months later. Here’s why: any resolution that involves you making decisions about long-range upcoming behavior reinforces the self-defeating notion of living in the future rather than in the […]


By: Salvador Russo

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius, one long awaited in Heaven and on Earth, will open gateways into the unexpected future. Dreams that have gone unanswered will soon be made real enabling joys, liberties, and infinite creative potentials to manifest. What we think the future holds will soon be erased and replaced with divine sequences of […]

Some further exploration of the Pluto/Black Sun opposition through

By: Sara Varcas

From Fragmented to Whole As the point of opportunity at which we can experience all that we are in our authentic entirety, the Black Sun demands that we embrace both that with which we choose to identify and that which we would prefer to ignore! There are varying degrees of this process, and the exploration […]

The Astrology of Valentine’s Day

By: Salvador Russo

It just so happens that a Full Moon in Leo falls upon Valentine’s Day this year. For the sake of love I’d like to share insight into this powerful day, well in advance, so that you lovers and seekers of love can make the most of it. Allow me to explain… Naturally we look to […]

Allowing Divinity

By: Jamye Price

When you look in the mirror do you see Divinity reflected? When you observe others do you see their path of enlightenment unfolding? It is before you, in all that you observe. It is the natural flow of Life to evolve toward improvement. That is the function of Love, the core of Life. It is […]

The Power of Love Takes the Lead

By: Karen Downing

As the Earth approaches the end of another year, there is much to ponder and reflect on. One of the biggest and most obvious changes that has taken place is how humanity is beginning to permit the power of love affect their lives in new ways. Yes, there have been many stories of violence, anger […]

Let Us Bring Light

By: Wayne Dyer

This month you’ll have the opportunity to read a mother’s story that will both break your heart and lift it up with love. Scarlett Lewis’s book Nurturing Healing Love is not a story of rage and revenge as one could well understand in the face of such a horrific experience as the one that took […]

Coping with Emotional Distance

By: Karen Downing

As much of the world prepares to enter the holiday season of Earth time, there is often many emotional worries and concerns that arise. The holidays are a time to gather with family and celebrate. However, for many who are becoming increasingly sensitive, this time can be quite difficult. For anyone who is working at […]

Update on the Ascension Process

By: Karen Downing

There has been many questions and confusion as of late as to how the Ascension Process is going, what has happened, and what has yet to happen. The process of Ascension (also referred to as raising consciousness or raising vibration) is being activated by a Universal energy known as the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt […]