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Jan 29, 2014

New Moon Aquarius

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius, one long awaited in Heaven and on Earth, will open gateways into the unexpected future. Dreams that have gone unanswered will soon be made real enabling joys, liberties, and infinite creative potentials to manifest. What we think the future holds will soon be erased and replaced with divine sequences of events that race us into brilliant new stations within time and space. As is the case with every New Moon a powerfully refreshing new chapter of life is about to begin!

I predict the following to occur beyond this New Moon in Aquarius: the creation of a new internet, global humanitarian successes, enhancements to social support systems, unprecedented collaborative successes, the enrichment of conscious social networks, sudden endings to sorrows and injustices, enlightened visions of personal futures, radical leaps in consciousness and scientific understanding, the fulfillment of treasured personal goals, the manifestation of unforeseen and incredibly promising opportunity, great unifications and revolutionary achievements, and the entrance of Promethean figures.

Beginning tomorrow we should expect and seize upon events which lead us into higher quality versions of the future. Radical changes in perspective will prove to be a driving force in the decisions and actions that lead us into more prosperous futures. Life will have us seeing things quite differently so that we can envision what must be done not only for ourselves but for the greatest good of all life. Communications will soon be brimming with enlightened knowledge, perspective, vision, and motivation for what must or should be done. This New Moon will deliver cosmic clarity to us all.

If there were one word to reveal how to capitalize on this lunar cycle that word most certainly is collaboration. Through collaboration we can all co-create the greatest peace, joy, abundance, success, liberty, and future promise. Many of us will have obvious opportunities to work in teams on pressing issues or promising ventures that serve great interests that are incalculable to human minds. Be ready to give of yourself for the sake of the many or for the sake of those who are too weak to fight for themselves. Altruism secures your future gold.

Aquarian energy always brings revolution into our lives, revolution which tends to create erratic environments and sentiments. Expect themes of instability to manifest in the weeks ahead but be sure to recognize them as the necessary after-effects of a higher and blessed plan unfolding that will see your highest interests served. Have faith through the ups and downs that the ride is leading you where you truly need to be. Keep your plans flexible because the time has come to ride the lightning!

Electrifying paradigm shifts in perception and life circumstances will christen the first week of this mighty lunar cycle. It will seem as if we have all entered a new dimension. As these new paradigms form we should exercise great vigilance to make sure that no one is left behind from the positive new life momentum. It comes in different ways for us all, according to our place in the Plan, so make sure to give your best to the least that no one is left behind. Offer hands up as often as possible, within reason, because that simple hand, in today’s climate, can be a revolution in itself.

This New Moon makes square to the House of Taurus and happens just weeks prior to Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio, a momentous cosmic event which occurs on March 2nd. This means that there will be great fluctuations in our material circumstances to include wealth, income, assets, obligations, and quality of life. Souls will be rewarded and tested according to their place in the Plan so do not be rattled when these things come. Instead focus on necessary adaptation, transformation, and resource allocation that secures the greatest good and the highest future. Wealth given for the sake of life is returned to us handsomely in Heaven.

Aquarius is the realm of the cosmos, universal intelligence, and states of super-consciousness. In the weeks ahead expect consciousness to rise and for personal power to rise along with it. New global frameworks through human and technological networks will be sprouting up to address dire social and humanitarian crisis. We will see brotherly and sisterly love cutting through barriers that obstruct human unity, evolution, and ascension. The power of our minds is kept hidden from us. We are more powerful than we realize and we live in an environment where thoughts become things. Focus your minds on what the world needs most and watch as these things come to pass!

Lightning storms are just ahead, be joyful these are not to dread. New currents for our futures come, just as Luna meets the Sun. Fortunes change with lightning speed, and badly for the ones with greed. The internet will be revamped, I promise you these words are stamped. Crucial things will be addressed, surprises will put souls to test. I love the lightning, don’t you know? It fuels my mind so my words flow. Put the least before yourself and God may grant you cosmic wealth. It’s the only type that counts, I swear, my planets hidden way up there. No time to spare, let’s get this out, I’m signing off with cosmic clout.

Very truly,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

Salvador Russo

Scholar, seeker, traveler, adventurer - all words that do me great justice. The military was my initiation into my 'Sagittarian Story' where my adolescence rapidly evolved and matured from an abundance of 'colorful' life experiences. Towards the twilight of my triumphant military campaign, as my ambitions burned relentlessly in my heart, I accepted a lucrative yet incredibly demanding position in Kuwait. It was in those unforgiving desert wastes, unplugged from the many matrices of control that I grew accustomed to where I began a rebirth that ultimately led me to a new, more enchanting desert locale: Arizona. Nothing could have prepared me for the multi-dimensional awakening that has unfolded here in Arizona of which Astrology has played a tremendous role. My self study into this Sacred Science enlightened me to the mind-numbing synchronistic majesty that is interwoven into the tapestry of life. Empowered with the wisdom of the heavens, I analyzed my own life at the soul level and much to my amazement I realized that from a professional perspective, I was destined to be an Intuitive Astrologer! After deep contemplation and loving, clairvoyantly-blessed encouragement from my soulmate Alexis, I aligned with my destiny and totally embraced my calling. Ever since, my skill and talent has been exploding at a rate that defies even my own admittedly high personal standards and expectations - and therein lies one of the most beautiful aspects of what I do: I reveal to people what their true calling is that they may enjoy their God-given rights of limitless joy, fulfillment, success, and most importantly, spiritual evolution. With my new-found cosmic vantage my desire and intention is to empower people by aligning them with their destiny while helping them understand what their unique role is as we all march towards the 2012 event horizon and into the Age of Aquarius, mankind's Golden Age.If living in sync with Cosmic Order sounds appealing to you I welcome you to read my free Intuitive Astrology status updates at my Starseed Astrology Fan Page on Facebook which will help you do just that. Until development is complete my services and rates are available upon request.In cosmic service,Astrologer Salvador RussoLinkedIn Twitter

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