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The Astrology of Valentine’s Day

Jan 21, 2014

It just so happens that a Full Moon in Leo falls upon Valentine’s Day this year. For the sake of love I’d like to share insight into this powerful day, well in advance, so that you lovers and seekers of love can make the most of it. Allow me to explain…

Naturally we look to Venus for matters of love. On February 14th we will find Venus in Capricorn transiting between the 16th and 17th degrees. Stunning surprises and betrayals by women will happen leading into unforeseen breakups that evening beneath the Full Moon glare. Not all women will behave this way but trust that space will be cleared for true love to enter this coming Valentine’s Day. And this is good because the space will give freedom for Jupiter in Leo to deliver love gigantically later in the summer.

For the true and lasting lovers out there my advice is to do things together that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet done. The Aquarius Sun brings power to our ability to fulfil dreams so mix your dreams with love and fulfill them together. Venus is prominent in Capricorn so consider affairs that are public and prestigious because this is where fortune and pleasure will be found.

Leverage the resources or influence of prominent women to make more of Valentine’s Day. This will tap into the Venus in Capricorn energy. Call in favors with female VIP’s to pull more honey from the day. Gifts that make lovers feel prestigious, honored, and pampered fit the Venus in Capricorn bill. Communities will come to life with joy, beauty, and creative power so indulge in local events that enliven the evening.

Men will be leading wonderful, exhilarating surprises beneath a perfect trine from the Sun to Mars in Libra. Ladies, be ready to move quickly and courageously upon brilliant male advances to include into marriage and a new future together. Conversations and communications will beam with divinity on this night and because of this trine so open your minds to all that comes.

Social networking will yield unexpected joys through romantic connections, introductions, and fortunate ‘coincidences.’ If you are single and searching this is a great night to be out and about flexing your smile and social skills. Gather friends and mix circles to increase your chances of creating a beautiful evening. Between Venus, Mars, and the Sun I see more good things happening through prominent social events than anything else. Homebodies will be missing out.

Plan ahead to secure prestigious reservations, tickets, or times to gather with friends. Save the best of the day for the evening to escape friction from the Moon’s square to Saturn in Scorpio earlier in the day. How sweet it is to have a Full Moon in Leo on a day where love is pronounced as boldly as a lion’s roar!

To add more spice buy your lover gifts that relate to their Venus. For example, if your lady has Venus in Virgo, try a spa package, a gourmet vegan dinner, or a beautiful new pet. If she has Venus in Gemini upgrade her tech toys. Venus reveals what people love so know your lover’s Venus and you’ll always know what to gift them with. Astrology makes it easy.

Cupid brings a lion’s roar, this night will have so much in store. Make it public, make it grand, Venus comes to hold your hand. The lads will laugh and bring surprise, love will find the one who tries. A full moon keeps this night’s romance, I thought it nice you had a glance. So now’s your chance to make the most, to all your hearts I call a toast.


Astrologer Salvador Russo

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