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Find Inner Peace at July 31 Full Moon

By: Selacia

Two full moons in July, with their expansive and cumulative effect, can help you amplify the good you have put in motion this month. With Friday’s full moon just around the corner, you want to be present to what you have intended and energize your aspirations. Do this now and even throughout the weekend as […]

Full moon in aquarius- embracing spaciousness and change

By: Divine Harmony

the full moon in aquarius is exact on friday july 31st at 3:43am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in cancer on july 15th (the day that NASA did the pluto flyby). that new moon was square uranus and this full moon […]

Sacred Geometry and Cymatics

By: Richard Merrick

One big ‘keystone moment’ for me was when I realized that cymatic resonance patterns are directly related to the geometric figures descended from Hebrew gnosticism and the Egyptian mystery school (commonly known as ‘sacred geometry’). If you are not familiar with cymatics, this refers to the study of resonance patterns on plates sprinkled with powder. […]

Expecting Change

By: Jamye Price

Dear One, how you focus your brilliant heart and mind creates a force of vibrational frequency that effects life. It breaks down barriers, it builds walls, it cloaks a Truth that is just out of range to your conscious awareness. Your awareness, your heart and mind focus; is a powerful catalyst. It is invisible, and […]

Flexible Preparation

By: Sara Varcas

The energy of the coming month is hard to pin down. Just when we feel we’ve ‘got’ what’s needed and know how to proceed it will slip through our fingers and we’ll be left wondering what just happened. Certainty is in short supply. If we want a clear cut, straightforward path ahead with big shiny […]

Is Big Fear Blocking You From Your Life Purpose?

By: Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer has always believed in following your passionate life purpose. He himself took a big chance to find his life purpose when he left his tenured teaching position at St. John’s University in New York to spend his time pitching his first book—Your Erroneous Zones. Here’s the story of that risky move as […]

Choose LOVE

By: Chris Plouffe

Choose love… Sounds simple, right? In our everyday lives, it is easy to be critical, it is easy to judge. It is easy to notice what we don’t like about someone or something and how it is different. But it is much harder to come from the heart. It is much harder to just discern […]

Can Astrology be explained by Science?

By: Chris Plouffe

Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking about Astrology and why certain planets in certain places could affect me in any way on the day I was born or throughout my life. At first glance it seems hard to believe that it should at all. Today’s scientific view is that it is pseudoscience. Well what if we […]

Perception – the power beyond our senses

By: Chris Plouffe

Perception: a result of perceiving (to attain awareness or understanding of) -a mental image -awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation -physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience Ok so let’s elaborate on that. My truth, is that this is an Optical/Electric Wave Universe. An invisible and visible Universe. A cause and […]

‘Standing on the shoulders of Giants’ – A quick hello and intro

By: Chris Plouffe

I wanted to start off by saying ‘HELLO’ and welcome. This is my first post on here and I would like this to be an arena for more of my personal thoughts and ideas. You can checkout the article section for a more in-depth Scientific approach, but here I may wax poetic, so to speak. […]