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Perception – the power beyond our senses

Feb 28, 2015

Perception: a result of perceiving (to attain awareness or understanding of)
-a mental image
-awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation
-physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

Ok so let’s elaborate on that.

My truth, is that this is an Optical/Electric Wave Universe. An invisible and visible Universe. A cause and effect Universe. A Universe of motion and stillness. Everything moves in our physical reality and that is what our eyes see and our ears hear. These are our senses and tools to measure. They pick up on the vibrations of movement and motion. They cannot pick up on stillness. Motion can only sense motion.

Senses are also our filters and how we interpret the world and reality going on around us. But we base our interpretations on these senses which are such a small spectrum of what is really going on.

So we take in this info and filter it with our 5 senses. Which was fine for pre-historic man who needed to hunt and gather and survive. But this is a ‘NEW AGE’. A time where we work with our KNOWING. A time where we work WITH our senses but use our true selves to view the world. Our senses are limited to only seeing this small spectrum but our knowing is not. We need to connect with this inner awareness and knowing and interpret with our soul and with love.

If we are constantly bombarded with all of this around us and let our senses overwhelm us. We miss things. Important things.

I feel we are being given messages and hints every day. But we are too stuck in using our senses and with motion to perceive whatever is right in front of us. Spirit is constantly trying to help us and give us guidance. But we don’t see it and then ask why we are not getting anything.

So learning to become quiet or motionless helps us get to the place within that allows us to KNOW and not to interpret with our senses. All the knowledge and power in the world is already here, within us. We just have to be still and be aware of it. Connect to it.

Ok so now for a quick tangible example. A magnet. Magnets are made in different ways but I want to focus on 1. A magnet can be created with electricity. A pulse is sent into it causing a re-arranging of the orientation of the atoms. So all theĀ atomsĀ are facing in the same direction. They are in order. So now we have order and dis-order.

What does this tell us? Well I believe in the term ‘as above so below’. So if it can happen like this it should be able to happen elsewhere.

So let’s apply this to us. Our electric thoughts are pulsing through us aligning our atoms in a certain way. We are our thoughts…right? So aligning your thoughts a certain way can act like a magnet and bring things to us? Law of Attraction anyone?

Most of you have heard of Feng Shui. So we can think about it as internal Feng Shui. Energy flows in the path of least resistance. So based on our thoughts and alignment, is how the energy will flow within us and around us.
So you can see that thought is very important in all of this. And how important is having these thoughts come from a place of love?

The great thing is that we get to choose how we approach everything. We get to choose how we perceive things.

Walter Russell says that all elements are just different pressure conditions of the same substance. So it doesn’t take much to transmute these elements into others. With just a small change or nudge- that’s all it takes. Just a little. A different view/change in angle to transmute a situation or feeling, just like transmuting an element.

So now… how can we use this in our daily lives?

Well… we can always just take a step back and look at the situation or problem and choose to approach it with love. You would be amazed at the result. Just approaching anything with love seems to instantly change our perception of it. This Universe is an infinite giving, re-giving machine. So if you approach all that you do with love, kindness, positivity. Guess what will be re-given to you?

Even if your job is to scrub floors. You have a choice on how you choose to act and also how to perceive the situation. If you say, ‘I’m going to scrub the floors the BEST I can, I will do the best I can AND I am THANKFUL’, rather than, ‘ugh, I hate this’. ‘I so don’t want to do this’. What message are you sending out? You may not be happy with your current duty or situation but you do have control over how you approach it, how you act upon it, and what you think about it.

Being mindful of our thoughts allows us to change our perception. And just changing a little of our perception can make a difficult task so much easier and maybe even enjoyable. A lot of people are not happy with their current jobs, current situation, or current path. Well the more we dwell on the unhappy things or the things that aren’t perfect or exactly the way we THINK we want them, the more we send out that message of not having abundance and that we are lacking. What would that re-give us? When we focus too much on the past and future we miss the blessing and opportunity in the current moment.

So in closing… approach everything with love, no matter how hard. Remember you get to choose to perceive in any way you want. Forget living by your senses and live by your true self. Live with love because that is what I believe we are made of. You have way more power and control than you realize.

Much love!

Chris Plouffe

Chris Plouffe is a researcher of energy. He began his quest in 2007, becoming interested in metaphysics, although he was drawn to it from an early age. It wasn't until 2010 that he really began researching in the scientific field, combining Spirit and Science with the study of energy vortices, nature based science, and other ways of defining the reality of our world. His goal is to mix his analytical thinking side with the intuitive knowing side to help bring forth this message of Oneness and Love explained through Science and Spirituality. His main areas of focus are based on the philosophy and teachings of Walter and Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and other Nature based teachers. He is a Licensed Energy Investigator through 'Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine', Registered Medium, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master-Teacher.

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