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Choose LOVE

May 17, 2015

Choose love…

Sounds simple, right? In our everyday lives, it is easy to be critical, it is easy to judge. It is easy to notice what we don’t like about someone or something and how it is different. But it is much harder to come from the heart. It is much harder to just discern and perceive rather than judge and complain.

But this is the illusion that we have built for ourselves. As humans we seem to have a natural tool to differentiate ourselves from others. To notice that duality and separateness that makes us who we are. To want to be different, to want to be better. What we do is the best and the right way and others are wrong. Yet most of us strive to be accepted. We long for some sort of group connection and appreciation. Ego is a strange thing. It is good for survival and to help us stay alive. It came in handy in the early days of hunting and gathering or to avoid danger. But that is changing.

We are now coming to a time where many are waking up… many are opening their eyes and seeing a different landscape. We are coming into an exciting time to where more and more people are trying to come from the heart and choose love. To evolve, so to speak, beyond the physical. To expand outside of our sensed perceptions and old ways of thinking. To be more accepting and open to others, knowing deep down that we are all the same. That we are all connected and just pieces of the whole. Here to experience, learn, teach, and LOVE.

Love has many meanings and connotations. The word has memories, emotions, fear, and much more attached to it. But what is Love? Is it different for each person? Is it a chemical reaction that can be measured in a lab?

I don’t think so. For me Love is Universal. Love is what the Universe is made of. Love is balance… Love is a knowing. Love is outside physical comprehension and perception by our motion based senses. Love resides in the stillness and is what we are made of. Love is Light. Light is everything.

All other things unbalanced or off from Love is created by us. Humans… as we have the right to choose, we can choose balance or unbalance. We can choose what feels natural or what feels unnatural. But the true nature of the Universe is good. It is balance and love.

As I have mentioned in previous articles and posts, there is a difference between thinking and knowing. Motion and stillness. Brain and Mind. Idea and manifestation. Things that we relate to Love like compassion, beauty, and truth, can only be known. We cannot comprehend these with just our brain or with thinking. Knowing comes from the heart. Knowing cannot easily be put into words or explained. Only felt or experienced.

With this being a giving re-giving Universe, it is important for us to give Love. For all of our creations are based on it. Giving it out so that it may be re-given to us and others. To be in harmony and resonance. Anything that is not in harmony with balance or Love, will not be replicated or echoed throughout the Universe the way Love will be. But you will still get what you give out. There is no way around that. The one Universal Law of Balance is all there is. All of the others come from it.

So just as I need to be better about judgement, I hope that you may too. To be open to choosing Love and approaching things from the heart. It seems hard at first but will always seems to feel right afterwards. What freedom it is for us to choose this power and to share the true nature of ourselves with others. Just a little reminder for us to make this a better experience for ourselves and others.

Thank you and ‘Choose Love’!


Chris Plouffe

Chris Plouffe is a researcher of energy. He began his quest in 2007, becoming interested in metaphysics, although he was drawn to it from an early age. It wasn't until 2010 that he really began researching in the scientific field, combining Spirit and Science with the study of energy vortices, nature based science, and other ways of defining the reality of our world. His goal is to mix his analytical thinking side with the intuitive knowing side to help bring forth this message of Oneness and Love explained through Science and Spirituality. His main areas of focus are based on the philosophy and teachings of Walter and Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and other Nature based teachers. He is a Licensed Energy Investigator through 'Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine', Registered Medium, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master-Teacher.

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