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Jan 31, 2014

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury now transits the House of Pisces! The secret poisons of life will now be brought to light as knowledge and awareness of these things fills our minds. Exposures will come to duplicitous enemies that have been wearing masks to the world. Awareness will rise to those who live in hopelessness and suffering that will fuel global efforts to answer their desperate calls. The hands of angels will be working heavily to bring our minds to focus upon the things which Heaven wills us to do.

Mystical knowledge, insight, thought, and inspiration will be streaming powerfully, especially beyond February 6th when Mercury begins its retrograde in Pisces. This energy will remind us of the ephemeral, illusory nature of the reality which we perceive with our limited abilities while bringing us ever closer into unity with all of Creation. The retrograde vibration will promote the success of alchemical and transcendent experiences of all forms and magnitudes. Use your mind to tap into the mystical side of life until February 13th when Mercury regresses into Aquarius.

Beyond the 13th community activities will be brimming with new networking, communications, opportunities, and re-organization so that beyond the retrograde the world’s networks are optimized for peak performance and effective power. Collaboration and networking are great keys to Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius so use them to gain new access, knowledge-based wealth, community resources, and to fulfill future-oriented goals.

Focus on developing higher consciousness perspectives and becoming directly involved with agendas that serve the high interests of humanity as a whole. Aquarius is the realm of the cosmos so take time to contemplate your higher purposes and how best you can align your life with them. Be concerned with social and humanitarian crisis and see how you can work with others to address, alleviate, or eliminate them. At last, and in complete objectivity, develop your self-awareness through the use of astrology, an Aquarian science, so that beyond the retrograde you step fully into your cosmic identity.

Mercury progrades in Aquarius on February 28th at which time I will have more to share. Until then use the new knowledge, perspectives, and connections that come to create a powerful and limitless new vision for your future that fulfills your own desires while serving great social needs. We are each blessed according to the magnitude of our service to the world. If things are moving slow or there are too many limits for your taste simply ask yourself, ‘what can I be doing to be of greater benefit to the world?’ And if you can’t answer this question then open your heart and ask God and be sure that He will answer you in power and beauty!

Enjoy all of the Divine surprises that come,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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