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Astrology In The Beginning

Astrology BeginningThere’s plenty of evidence that we humans have been fascinated by the heavens since antiquity. Although cave writings indicate that people were observing the stars, it was not until the time of the Sumerians, about 2000 BC, that an ‘organized’ study of astrology and astronomy was recorded. Later, history tells us that about 2000 years later, the Magi who traveled in search of a newly born King of Judea were astrologers. The question asked long ago by ancient astrologers is the same question we ask today: ‘How does that which is above us relate to our life on earth?’ The knowledge of astrology stems from that ever-continuing search.

Today, astrology is used by millions of people around the world, and the serious study and revival of astrology during the 20th Century – and now in this New Millennium – has produced record numbers of books, tapes, computer programs and readily available information on scores of websites! The word astrology, derived from the Greek roots meaning word or reason of the stars, is now applied to the study of the relationship between the heavenly bodies and life on earth. Astrology is a tool that you can use to expand your understanding of yourself, and of the world we all share.

Think of astrology as a highly specialized language. Learning the language takes a bit of time, and, like any comprehensive subject, a mastery of the subject requires serious and devoted concentration. Contrary to some ideas, astrology is not a belief system, and neither is it a religion. It is not associated with any type of questionable therapy or cult. To take advantage of the vast knowledge and information astrology has to offer, you are not required to study it, since working with a professional astrologer can be an excellent option. But if you are intrigued, you may want to learn more about this cosmic language. However, even if you decide not to study, and to simply use the services of a professional astrologer – it’s always good to know some of the Basics!

One thing you need to know from the beginning is what astrology cannot accomplish. An astrologer is not a fortuneteller! Plus, astrology works in harmony with the idea of free will. In fact, Thomas Aquinas also pondered this question and wrote that the stars not do control the soul, that man’s ability to reason and make choices can help determine the outcome of life situations.

Your astrological chart may indicate that you are experiencing a positive time to increase your resources or that you need to exercise greater care in high risk situations, but the exact circumstances and outcome are not determined by your chart. And an astrologer cannot and should not make your decisions for you! You can use astrology to help you make the best determinations, but you must make the decisions and take actions yourself. Think of astrological forecasting much like a weather forecast. All the indicators may be that there will be rain tomorrow, but whether or not you take an umbrella or stand in the rain getting soaked is up to you!

One other pitfall that arises frequently is to ‘blame’ the planets for your life situation. It’s certainly convenient to have a scapegoat, but your chart does not make you do anything. And astrology cannot give you simple answers to complex questions, like ‘Which sign should I marry?’ One thing you will learn when you look into your astrological chart is that you have many different levels of need and personal expression. By using astrology to help you understand your inner motivations, drives and preferences, you may actually be able to make a better choice about a relationship, but it is never as simple as just pointing to a person’s Sun Sign!

What astrology can do is to help you become better acquainted with yourself, and, more importantly, your inner nature. You may reach a more profound understanding of your needs, hopes and desires, and thereby make choices which will lead to a more effective and satisfying life. You can uncover some of the repressed emotions, explore many of the questions of why you are drawn into certain situations, and become more aware of your strengths. In many ways, learning about your astrological chart is a self-confirming experience. This adds to your sense of personal confidence, and can positively influence your success in life. You can also gain special insights into any relationship using astrology, since astrology provides an objective tool to illustrate why and how you are attracted to different people and the special ways you connect with one another.

In addition to exploring your potentials, strengths and liabilities, you can use astrological information to help you determine the best times to act. Astrology offers exceptional insights into timing. Techniques have been developed which can indicate specific areas of opportunity or crisis, and which can illuminate avenues of better choices. You can also use astrological information to help you determine the best time to begin or end different ventures, and whether or not you should expand or stay closely focused.

There are many branches of astrology, which reach into all levels of life experience, and there are professional astrologers who specialize in certain fields. Astrologers are frequently counselors who focus on personal growth, relationships, crisis intervention, spiritual growth, child guidance, career counseling or other areas. Others work in business and economics studying financial trends, and others are interested in world events. Some astrologers are researchers, studying the correlation of planetary energies to specific data.

All material copyright 2009 by Gloria Star. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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