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Sacred Day Signs

Mayan astrology day signs signify the way the light energy from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, manifests each day on planet Earth. The ancient Mayans gave the day signs names that represent forces or aspects of Nature and daily life.

Mayan Day Sign Crocodile

Crocodile— Primal earth mother describes the basic nature of Crocodile. They are dedicated to whatever they feel to be home and family. Their instincts are often stronger then their intellect. They are great providers and keepers of the nest, but they can be possessive, jealous and quick to anger in close relationships. They are in touch with the basic forces of nature. This sign is ruled by the East.

Sacred Day Sign Wind

Wind—Like the wind, this day sign is very changeable and often fickle. They are good at adapting to new situations. They are very good at mental pursuits. Wind people may also be prone to verbal outbursts. They are best in relationships where they can be in flexible situations, free to be in the moment. They make good writers and teachers. This sign is ruled by the North.

Tzolkin Night

Night—This day sign is ruled by the West, which is the realm of the sub conscious. Night people are creative and intuitive, but a bit reclusive. They are often healers and artists. They are patient and have a lot of endurance. The Night person can be good at business and completing goals but need to be careful of getting lost in illusion, fantasy or addictions. They make good mates and are flexible in relationships.

Mayan Tzolkin Seed

Seed— Sensuality and prosperity are two traits of this day sign ruled by the South. They are natural net workers and have strong leadership qualities because of their distinctive personalities. They can make and spend money easily. They need to refrain from getting in debt. Their mate will have to supervise their spending, but you will have a good time in and out of the bedroom.

Mayan Tzolkin Serpent

Serpent—Like the undulating snake, this day sign is flowing, charismatic and often take to performance. They are also very sexual and intuitive. They can be dynamic leaders, healers and psychics. They have great stamina and creativity. They can be tempted to misuse their power if they become out of balance. If they are under pressure, they may exhibit an explosive temper. They need calm and nurturing in a relationship to bring out their best. This is because they are ruled by the fire energy of the East.

Day Sign Transformer

Transformer—Death is the traditional name for this day sign ruled by the North. This day sign can create great prosperity and community. They have a natural attraction for abundance and material possessions. They do not like to be leaders, but will be the power behind the throne to serve their community and family. This is the day sign of happy relationships and marriage. They have a secretive side and often can be found working in security occupations.

Deer Tzolkin

Deer—The Deer person likes to wander the world experiencing its many beauties. They may have a hard time with relationships as they like their freedom. They still have remnants of the hunter within their psyche. They do feel loyalty to their community. They have a strong creative side that can be expressed through the arts. They are also very sexual and intuitive. This comes about due to their connection to the West and the subconscious.

Tzolkin Star

Star— Ruled by the South, this day sign is good at making money and dealing with material possessions. They like to debate and also haggle over the price of merchandise. In relationships there will usually be a lot of discussion and a tendency to overindulge. A mate should feel ok about keeping the star person on track. This day sign likes puzzles and all sorts of mental challenges.

Mayan Tzolkin Offering

Offering—The element if fire from the East is very apparent in the fiery temper and emotions that are part of the make up of this day sign. In relationships, it is important that partners be willing to rein them in when they get fixated on emotional issues. These people are risk takers, often having an all or nothing mindset that may need outside perspective. When they are focused they can produce great achievements in any area of life.

Tzolkin Dog

Dog—As you can imagine, loyalty to family and community is a great focus for this day sign ruled by the North. Dog people also need freedom to patrol their territory or community. They are a very sexual day sign and need understanding from a mate. They will work tirelessly for the ones they love and are good at manifesting prosperity. They have a strong connection to their father figure and will take on the role of father or leader if necessary.

Monkey Tzolkin

Monkey—The creative energy of the sub conscious can be seen in the artistic, creative nature of Monkey. The monkey always likes to be the center of attention, so their mate should feel comfortable being in the background while the Monkey works the audience. These people are very quick witted and lively. Yet they may lack the focus and consistency necessary for a serious relationship. If the Monkey disposition works for you, you will never be bored.

Road Tzolkin

Road—Being the opposite of Monkey, this day sign is very humble, easy going and serious. They will work tirelessly for the ones they love. They can be very successful in business and family life, due to their connection to the South. Road people will sacrifice a lot for the sake of relationship, but if they feel unappreciated, they will become resentful and angry. They have strong psychic and healing abilities and have a powerful tie to fertility and the environment.

Mayan Tzolkin Reed

Reed—Known for their ability as an arbitrator and intermediary and take a shine to politics and other areas of leadership. Reed can help people with opposing viewpoints see the whole situation more clearly. They are great storehouses of knowledge and are often sought out for their expertise in many fields. They can display the fiery temper associated with day signs ruled by the East. They are often known to be inflexible, so they may be difficult in relationships. If their mate helps them bend their perspectives, then they can create harmonious family situations.

Sacred Day Sign Jaguar

Jaguar—Like Transformer, the Jaguar likes to flow behind the scenes. They do not like the public eye, but are great at manifesting abundance and prosperity. They have a knack for healing and intuition and are also brave and proud. Don’t try to drag the Jaguar out on the dance floor, but they may surprise you with a slow dance in private. The Jaguar is ruled by the North, so they are very intelligent and good teachers and writers.

Eagle Tzolkin

Eagle— Endowed with the gift of foresight, the Eagle is good at seeing the big picture. They are also very detail oriented. The Eagle born have no problem asking for what they want. They love to travel the world and need freedom in their relationships. They do not like competition or confrontation. They are perfectionists that have a lot to offer, but need the liberty to soar to the heights of their imagination. Their connection to the West and the sub conscious can give them escapist tendencies.

Wisdom Tzolkin

Wisdom—Cleansing, purification and regeneration are the main themes for the Wisdom born. These people take life seriously and are often very practical and good with money. They are concerned with releasing what is no longer useful and reusing it in some way. Being ruled by the energy of the South, they are recyclers and very concerned with cleansing the environment. If you can accept their somber persona and allow them to be the party pooper from time to time, you will find great happiness with a Wisdom person.

Mayan Day Sign Earth

Earth—Active minds and emotions are the central theme of this day sign ruled by the fire energy of the East. They are very progressive and can have problems in relationship with those who cannot be comfortable with their liberal mind set. Life with an Earth person can feel like being on a mental rollercoaster. If you can help them focus, they can be very productive and prosperous.

Tzolkin Flint

Flint—Knowledge and truth are very important for a Flint person. This is because they are ruled by the mental energy of the North. They are excellent communicators and writers. They will fight for what they feel is right, even if it means sacrificing part of them in the process. They can be a bit vain, so even if they seem to be very practical, don’t complain about that new pair of shoes. The Flint person will be with you through thick and thin, but when they reach their breaking point, they may show their temper.

Storm Tzolkin

Storm—Unlike their name, the Storm person is very sweet, loving, docile, creative and spiritual. They are in touch with the sub conscious due to their connection to the west and can therefore fall pray to addictions and other compulsions. Marriage and relationship are of key importance to these people and they will worship you at their shrine of love and devotion. They make great friends and will do all that they can to help you in a crisis. They are good at making money and like to spend it on their home and family.

Mayan Sun Tzolk'in

Sun—Mayan kings were often born into the Sun day sign. They embody the traits of the creative artisan, hunter and ruler. They have many talents that they may pursue more then you. If you are in a relationship with them, they may be distant, due to their creativity and social interests. They can be good at manifesting prosperity being as they are ruled by the South. Do not let your expectations spoil your appreciation of their noble spirit.

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