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Oracle of Directions

This section will expound upon the basic nature of the directions and the role they play in Mayan calendar astrology.

Like most native cultures of the Americas, the Mayan sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, integrates the concept of the four directions in it’s foundation. All the Native American indigenous cultures have a color assigned to each of the four directions.

It seems that each Native American tribe usually has their own take on what color represents what direction. I am honoring the information that Ian received from the shaman that he worked with.

It is my understanding that the color assigned to each direction on the chart is the same as the colors the Kiche’ Maya use. From the research that I have done I can say that the majority of Maya, including the Yucatec Maya, also adhere to these same colors for the directions.

Mayan Oracle

The Directions

EAST/red is represented by the color red. This stands for the colors of the sunrise. It is the place where the day begins, so red represents initiation of activity. The direction of the east is where galactic light energy is expressed through emotions, passions, and activity. I use red to represent beginnings and birthing of new projects. It is the start of new experiences or journeys. The day signs that are ruled by the east are energizing, stimulating and full of movement and vigor. Depending on the day sign, energy, passion and intensity will be expressed in the physical, mental or emotional arenas of life. The day signs of the east are Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and Earth. Crocodile, Serpent and Offering express passions in a down to earth fashion. Reed and Earth express passions with their ideas and ideals.

NORTH/white usually represents wisdom that comes with experience. This theme of wisdom coming from the north is why many Native American traditions feel that their departed relatives and wise elders reside in the north. The wise ones will come to the service of mankind, like a helpful grandfather or grandmother, when they are asked for guidance.

Due to the insight and perception the elders both alive and dead can communicate, the north is believed to be the source of mental activity and communication. The north represents teachings and knowledge as well. Therefore the mind and thought that does travel through the air have become the qualities that are associated with the direction of the north. Four of the 5 day lords from the north communicate spiritual information. Wind communicates on the surface of the earth. Dog, Transformer and Jaguar are conduits for communication to the underworld. Flint carries the energy of the priest or priestess through which galactic light energy speaks and brings communications from the center of the galaxy to humanity.

The day signs that are under the sway of the direction of the north are usually very mental, analytical and communicative.

WEST/blue has been assigned the color blue. The Kiche’ Maya sometimes use the color black for the west as well. Due to the fact that the west is where the sun sets for the day, the west is associated with endings. At the time of death, many native cultures believe that the soul returns to the realm of the west when it leaves the body.

The direction of the west is associated with water. Many primitive societies understood the fluid, symbolic nature of the subconscious. I feel that is why water is associated with the subconscious and the west. This association of water with the direction of the west also comes from the awareness that the deep darkness of the ocean and large bodies of water hide what is below the surface. Ancient spiritual knowledge relates that the psyche, the human sub conscious, also hides much of each person’s nature and experiences.

Those day signs that are linked with the west usually have a strong connection to the subconscious and imagery. It is from this connection that galactic light energy communicates through symbols and other creative manifestations.

Most indigenous cultures have a great understanding of what the Maya call the underworld. The subconscious or underworld is where healing takes place. Even though the Maya practiced human sacrifice and were primitive in many ways they also understood the commanding role that the sub conscious plays in the life of every person. Those born into the day signs of the west are the doorway to express the power of the psyche. Galactic light energy works through the day signs ruled by the west by having them be the conduit to the hidden parts of humanity.

The west ruled day signs also have a strong connection to healing and intuitive abilities. The day signs that are ruled by the west are Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle and Storm. Night and Storm have the strongest intuitive abilities of the west ruled day signs. Monkey and Deer express this connection to the intuitive through creativity and art. Eagle can see the future through its connection to the sub conscious.

SOUTH/yellow is thought, by many tribes throughout the world, to represent physical endurance and focus about material life. In many Native American societies, the south typifies the playful, childlike qualities of humans and all other creatures. The south is connected with the body and the physical aspects of life. Therefore, the south represents the concept of a child starting out on their road of life, looking for understanding and exploring life through experiences that involve the five senses of the body. Many of the day signs that are connected to the south have strong connections to the physical body and material,daily life.

The association of the body with fertility plays a key role in the energy of the south. The day signs ruled by the south have a major theme of growth, death and rebirth woven within them. Galactic light energy works through those linked to the south by having them manifest spiritual energy in a tangible, material way. The day signs of the south are Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom and Sun. Seed and Road are concerned with manifestation on the material level. Star works with moving and regulating manifestation. Wisdom is concerned with cleansing and purification of the physical and releasing or transforming what is not immortal from the world. Sun is concerned with being the ruler and example to others, the top of the pyramid, the pinnacle of what humanity can be.

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