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Galactic Tones / Numbers

Along with the personality descriptions that go with the day signs, each person is born with a number between one and thirteen.

The numbers 13 and 20 are the foundation of the astrology system of the Maya.

The numbers or tones as they have come to be called, add more information to the meaning of your personal astrology.

The number and the day sign combine to create the unique energy of you.

Some of the Mayan calendar scholars that work with the Tzolkin do not place much emphasis on the numbers. Some have left the numbers out of their books. I feel that the number is another influence that needs to be considered as part of your nature when working with Mayan astrology. Each number has its role to play in the manifestation process of life.

Influence of the Numbers

The Maya that feel that the lower numbers, 2-5, carry less then the full energy of the day sign.

There is one exception to this concept in regard to the number one.

The Maya feel that those who are born with the number or tone of one are a very strong representation of their day sign. A person with the one tone has the same strength as the number 13.

This is because the one is not influenced by another day sign in terms of the week they are born. I will explain the influence of the Mayan week more fully in a later section. I have found through my experience working with individuals that people that are born with the higher numbers are very strong representations of their day sign.

The higher your number, the stronger the day sign presence will be in your life.

In her book, the Mayan Code, Barbara Hand Clow relates that the numbers are representations of Mayan gods and goddesses. I have combined all of these ideas in the following information.

The Numbers

1 – Unity, assertive, intention, beginnings

The god of fire and time – Initiates, ignites

Those born with the number one are good at starting projects. Ones are able to gather the energy that they need to create. Ones are usually in touch with creative energy in some way. They are independent and do not like to take advice from others. Ones have their own guidance system. They have very strong convictions and will often devote themselves to a cause that may be the focus of their lives. They do not like to follow daily routines and often feel that they are in a rut if they do not have enough variety in their lives. These people are always open to try what is new. Ones like a challenge and will work hard to accomplish their goals.

The one personality can be aggressive and even domineering. They usually have very strong opinions. Even though they may be hard to get along with sometimes, they can be loyal friends and good partners.

2 – Duality, polarity, mystery, charismatic
The God of Earth – Creates a reaction

Two people are often mysterious. They are attuned to the rhythms of the earth. Twos seem to draw people to them. Those around them do not feel the call that is sounding clearly to a two person. It is very important for two people to follow their instincts. They have a very profound inner guidance system. Two people are very charismatic. They are usually open and friendly. They attract partnership. Finding the balance in relationship is vital for two people.

Two people also have a very strong psychic or spiritual side. Many have powerful visions. Duality is a lifelong struggle for two people. They sometimes find it hard to walk in the world that we know as the earth plane and be aware of the world of spirit. When they are able to balance all the aspects of their lives, they can manifest great achievements.

3 – Action, Artistic, movement

Goddess of water and. Childbirth—Activates

If you are born with the number three, you will always be on the move, in some way or other. Threes like to initiate change and variety. Three people have a great sense of rhythm. They usually enjoy expressing themselves through movement. Dance and music are a big part of a three person’s life. Art is another area that threes excel in. They like to work in seclusion, but what they create is for the whole world.

Three people need to be able to express themselves freely. When they do this it clears their energy fields and helps them to focus and be productive. The struggle for inner peace is always a big concern for three people. They often try to help others find balance and harmony as well.

4 – Structure, foundation, creation of the elements.

God of warriors and the sun – stabilizes

In the way that threes are always moving, the four people are always looking for and appreciating foundation and stability. A four person will work tirelessly to create roots or a home base. They need to have a safe place to land where they feel secure and protected. Those born under the tone 4 are practical and in touch with reality. These people are very good at following routines and plans. They are humble in nature. They do not like to lead, but will be an avid supporter of a situation they feel is structured and has a firm foundation. Once they make their mind up, it is hard for them to see other perspectives.

5 – Intelligent, centers, gathers

Goddess of Love—Empowers

The ancient Aztec and Mayas knew that love was a powerful force. That is why those with the five tone can be very persuasive and inspiring to others. Five people are very intelligent. They love to question what they see around them. They enjoy gathering information and organizing it into something productive. They are aware of that saying ‘Knowledge is Power’.

Five people are usually very organized. The five born also have a desire to investigate many areas of life. They love to oversee projects to make sure they are done correctly. Fives also will be the first to question a plan or situation that they feel is not being handled properly. If you are involved with a five person, let them take charge. You will be happier that way. They are very competent and usually rise to the top of any organization or group. They make powerful administrators.

6 – Responsive, improves

The god of Death—creates flow

If you are a six person, then you know that beginnings and endings are part of life. You do not fight changes, but allow yourself to work with them. Six people can be good negotiators. A six personality is always interested in making whatever is going on in their life better. They are responsive to the needs of others and will usually try to find a solution that will work for all concerned. Six people are very dynamic in nature and will attract what is needed in their life to keep their life going smoothly.

A six person can tend to be critical. They can also suffer from an indulgent nature. They can flow into many situations that they may not really desire and then berate themselves for ending up where they are. It is important for six people not to be too hard on themselves.

7 – Reflects, maintains

God of corn – reveals

Seven people are very different from the six people. They are not concerned with the group, but like solitude. They are strong individuals. They like to ponder the mysteries of life by themselves. Sevens have a very spiritual nature. They can be attracted to the dark or the light. They will be the first to question authority. The seven people have a stubborn streak that can be seen when you try to get them to change their minds. Even though the seven nature makes them appear distant and even isolated, they are loyal friends and will stick by a someone they care about through whatever may come.

8 – Justice, balances

God of rain – Harmonizes

The eight persona is one of structuring and restructuring. Eights are in a continual process of evolving and redefining what already exists. An eight person is always interested in changing boundaries.

These people are always attracted to what is new and different. They are the inventors of the world. This applies to spiritual beliefs and practices as well as material ones

Eight people love to travel and see what the world is like in other places and with other perspectives. You will not get set in your ways if you are involved with an 8. You will never be bored either!

9 – Patience, perseverance, completion

God of Light – Creates movement forward.

Those born under the number nine are forceful and have very deep beliefs. They are able to persevere until a project is done. Nine people are great with details. They like to feel that whatever they are working on has a higher purpose or is working for the greater good.

Nine people can be moody and can be overtaken by depression. This creates a paradox for them. They want to complete their work, but feel that everything is pointless when the gloom sets in.

The number nine is also associated with patience. This is because nine people are all about getting to the finish line of whatever is important to them at the time. When they are in the right frame of mind, a nine person will keep going until the goal is achieved.

10 – Manifest

God of Darkness – challenges

This is the number of manifestation. Ten people like to take what is raw and unrefined and bring it into the world. Those born under the number ten are able to create with whatever is around to make something valuable and beautiful emerge.

When a ten person has direction and focus, they will attract what is necessary to turn their thoughts and visions into reality.

Whatever a ten creates must have a strong foundation in order to be successful. If ten people lose sight of their goal or try to do too many things at one time, it will dissipate their creative energy and they will not be able to manifest their dreams.

Ten people are usually very responsible, but they do have a tendency to accrue debts. Their drive to manifest can often disregard the means that they use to birth their ideas. Tens need to be mindful that the end does not always justify the means. If they focus on their goals and are in harmony with the steps that are needed to get them there, they will manifest their visions.

11 – Resolution, facilitates change

Goddess of Childbirth – Creates clarity, integration

Eleven people have the ability to strip away what no longer serves so that they can move forward into new creation. Eleven people are really good at seeing what may be useless at this present time and releasing it.

The nature of eleven people is to be a bit aloof. This can be difficult when an eleven person is in a relationship. They constantly clear away the old within themselves. They help others to release what no longer serves them.

Being true to yourself is very important for an eleven person. They are always looking for balance. They have an innate desire to balance what has been out of whack. Many eleven people are interested in healing. They may be physical or emotional healers.

Eleven people often are very successful when they focus on overcoming challenges that come into their lives. Striving to heal conflict is the way that elevens are able to be their best.

12 – Understanding, retrospection

The god that rules the time just before dawn

This number signifies endings and new beginnings.

For this reason those with the twelve vibration have a certain melancholy about them. Even though they seem to be in touch with endings, twelve people are interested in activation of change and regeneration. These people will always help others set a new course. Ian was a twelve person. During the time that we were together, he was always reinventing himself and starting new directions. He was a virtual fountain of dreams that was continually bubbling up with new ideas.

The twelve has the ability to save what was useful from the old and incorporate it into a new beginning. For this reason, twelve people make good counselors. They can help people pick up the pieces of their lives that have been shattered and start anew.

Twelve people can also get in trouble from bragging. I saw that happen a lot when I was with Ian. They are enchanted with the past.

When a twelve person is able to stick to a project and complete it, their creations can attain greatness. Completing projects will get them the acknowledgement and praise for a job well done that they are seeking.

13 – Ascension, authority, intensity

The supreme deity – completion

The number thirteen, to the Maya, was a very powerful number. It represented going to the highest level of accomplishment. Those born with the number thirteen will be very good at tying up lose ends, making sure all the details of a project are in order.

Thirteen people are always interested in improving upon what they have created. Thirteen is at that point of getting ready to jump into the void to start a new cycle or project. Thirteens often have their feet in both worlds. They are at home in void, for they know that the void is that from which manifestation begins. Thirteen people are often psychics or clairvoyants. A thirteen person will always have a lot of intense experiences that they will either create or the people in their life will create for them.

Unexpected change is always part of a thirteen person’s life. For a thirteen person to be happy, they need to realize that change is a constant in their lives. They will be pleased if they can be flexible and allow new situations into their lives. Thirteens are always standing on the precipice of any area of life, ready to jump off into a new creation, or take it something already created to the next level.

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