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Beyond Planets - Extending Astrology

Astrology ChironChiron:
Chiron represents your deeper sense of purpose and adds a subtle, yet powerful, drive to achieve a feeling of connection to higher values. But Chiron may also indicate areas of vulnerability or emotional wounds that require special attention. Astronomers and astrologers are still studying the exact nature of Chiron. In fact, you’ll see it described as a planetoid, asteroid and a comet! However, its influence is so well established that we do examine it in astrological charts.

Icy Dwarf Planets:
Astronomers reoriented and redefined the concept of ‘planet’ in 2006, removing Pluto from inclusion as a planet, renaming Pluto an ‘Icy Dwarf Planet.’ Ultimately, in 2009, Pluto was re-classified in a special category, and is now called a ‘Plutoid.’ In this same reclassification, the previously-named asteroid Ceres was brought into the definition of Icy Dwarf, and the newly discovered Eris and Sedna are also included in this category. It is thought that there will be a reconsideration of the definition of ‘planet’ once again when astronomers convene in several years. Most astrologers are utilizing this concept, but still give Pluto the consideration it had when it was classified as a planet. Stay tuned for future developments!

There are more than 2000 asteroids. Astrologers have studied the meanings of many asteroids, and some have included interpretations of these bodies. The most commonly used asteroids are the larger bodies like Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. The asteroids add significant stories to the drama of your astrological chart! Asteroids are an important consideration, but are best left to exploration once you’ve mastered the basics.

Moon NodesNodes of the Moon:

The Moon’s Nodes are points in space used to calculate the timing of eclipses. The South Node indicates your past and shows a kind of emotional comfort zone, providing insights into your talents or areas of special insights. The North Node beckons you to develop and grow in areas which may not seem as familiar. These placements are often interpreted in relationship to your karma.

Rulership and Related Concepts
The planets and signs have a comfort zone of expression, and there is a natural link or affinity between planets and signs. This link is called rulership. When a sign and planet are placed together by rulership, the expression of the planet’s energy can be most at ease.



Astrology Signs and Rulers
For example, when a chart shows the Moon in Cancer, that individual may be most at home accepting emotional needs and expressing nurturing and supportive qualities to others. The Moon – the energy of feeling and underlying emotion – is quite comfortable in the zone of Cancer – where the qualities of comfort and support are easy to express. In some ways, these matching qualities support the expression of the energy (in this case, the Moon), so that getting in touch with that aspect of the Self is much more natural for the individual.


Planet Strengths

Application of the idea of rulership extends to adding emphasis to the ease or discomfort of expression of a planet in other signs, too.

Rulership is also called Essential Dignity. A planet in its Dignity gains an energy boost. Other concepts related to Rulership involve the interrelationship from one sign to another.

Detriment: A planet in the sign opposite the Dignity expresses itself in its Detriment. This is a dilution of energy.

Exaltation: When a planet is in its exaltation, the energy expression is strengthened and intensified.

Fall: A planet in the sign opposite the Exaltation carries extra weight or is hampered in some manner. This is much like a pollution of the energy symbolized by the planet.


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