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Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet 8: The Key of Mystery

By: General Content

Translation by Doreal Unto thee, O man, have I given my knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. Hear ye now and receive my wisdom brought from space planes above and beyond. Not as man am I for free have I become of dimensions and planes. In each, take I on a new body. […]

Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet 9: The Key to Freedom of Space

By: General Content

Translation by Doreal List ye, O man, hear ye my voice, teaching of Wisdom and Light in this cycle; teaching ye how to banish the darkness, teaching ye how to bring Light in thy life. Seek ye, O man, to find the great pathway that leads to eternal LIFE as a SUN. Draw ye away […]

Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Preface

By: General Content

Translation by DorealThe history of the tablets translated in the following links is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country. He was the […]

Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet 7: The Seven Lords

By: General Content

Translation by DorealHark ye O man, and list to my Voice.Open thy mind-space and drink of my wisdom.Dark is the pathway of LIFE that ye travel.Many the pitfalls that lie in thy way.Seek ye ever to gain greater wisdom.Attain and it shall be light on thy way.Open thy SOUL, O man, to the Cosmicand let […]

HAARP Project -Nikola Tesla Technology

By: General Content

HAARP, Weather War, And EMF Mind ControlAuthor: UnknownIn May of 1988, I wrote an article for the Canadian Intelligence Service headed “Weather War?”The preamble written by the editor said this: “Her story, indeed, is ‘stranger than fiction.’ And it’s only the beginning, the first glimpse of a new and uncertain factor in human affairs, opening […]

Synchronicity Strikes Again

By: Bill White

In studying the phenomena of synchronicity over the last 30 years, I’ve stated again and again that synchronicity is an actual language of metaphor that God or the Universe uses to assist us in discerning our destiny or purpose. I’m often asked by clients how you begin to learn what synchronistic messages mean. While it’s […]

Raspberry-Cacao-Butternut Squash Gluten-Free Muffins

By: Sarica Cernohous

There’s been a lot of press lately on the deleterious effects of excess carbohydrates in our diets—our obsession with convenience foods, sweet treats and sugary drinks has been implicated in the explosion of diseases such a diabetes and cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases and obesity.Every time I talk with someone about this issue, either […]

Thoughts on Codes

By: Stuart Mitchell

Music harmony & the architecture of the UniverseThe Seven Wonders of the world followed by the great buildings and cathedrals of medieval times demonstrate the concept of ‘Musical harmony in stone’ better that any other medium. The laws which define that concept are omnipresent at all levels throughout the universe and are based on a […]

Twice-Cooked Mexican-Style Chicken and Pinto Soup

By: Sarica Cernohous

1 organic, whole Chicken8-12 cups fresh Water2 bunches organic Celery, chopped and divided in 2 batches4-6 organic Carrots, sliced1 cup dried organic Pinto Beans, sorted, rinsed and soaked overnight and rinsed once more2 organic Yellow Onions, chopped and divided in 2 batches3-4 cups fresh, organic Spinach, or one half 16 oz. package frozen Spinach1 organic […]

Food As Medicine – Kale Chips

By: Sarica Cernohous

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables available to us. And until recently, it was relegated as a frilly garnish on a restaurant’s serving plate (amazing that the most benefit to a diner’s health can be found not in the meal itself, but in the decoration!) Thankfully, it is finally getting the good respect it […]

Marching Forward – Lessons of Living by Faith

By: Bill White

With each new year we re-adjust our course and set new goals. These goals, born in winter, are set forth in hopes of a spring bloom. As winter gives way to the early signs of spring, we see the budding trees and the days growing longer, little by little. It’s at this time that we […]

Grilled Nicoise

By: Sarica Cernohous

Here is my take on the classic Salade Nicoise. It is rich in omega-3 fats, healthy vitamins galore, and of course, plenty of protein.I love the taste of anchovies, but they are not for everyone–if that means you, simply omit them.Certainly, freshly-grilled tuna fillets would be preferred, but this is a salad I like to […]

Which Mask Are You Wearing?

By: Bill White

For some people it’s Christmas that just does it for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Christmas, but for me Halloween has some really terrific memories.I am blessed with a wonderful and creative mother. Each year we would decorate our porch for Halloween with a different theme and dress the part. I actually […]

Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet 6: The Key of Magic

By: General Content

Translation by DorealHark ye, O man, to the wisdom of magic.Hark the knowledge of powers forgotten.Long, ago in the days of the first man,warfare began between darkness and light.Man, then as now,were filled with both darkness and light;and while in some darkness hell sway,in other light filled the soul.Aye, age old in this warfare,the eternal […]

What Is Conscious Personal Mastery?

By: Sol Luckman

[The following article is adapted from the author’s newest book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.]Over the course of my latest book, Potentiate Your DNA, various statements related to the vitally important subject of conscious personal mastery are made.To recap this in-depth discussion, conscious personal mastery is said to:1. […]

Understanding Our Bioenergy Blueprint

By: Sol Luckman

[The following article is adapted from the author’s newest book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.]Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System of physical theory establishes that we are reciprocal creatures with one foot in the world of spirit, time-space, and the other foot in the world of matter, space-time (Figure […]

Transformational Out-of-Body Experiences

By: William Buhlman

Life-changing spiritual adventures are often part of an out-of-body experience. This is especially true of self- initiated out-of-body journeys because the explorers are prepared for their adventures. They often report an instant and dramatic change in their awareness, and their perception of the universe and themselves.Those who have had a profound out-of-body experience speak of […]

Three Perspectives on DNA

By: Sol Luckman

[The following article is adapted from the author’s newest book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.]In Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era of Healing, Larry Dossey, the former chief of staff at a major Dallas hospital, examines allopathic medicine in light of the principle of ‘nonlocality’ often […]

The Life Changing Benefits Reported from Out-of-Body Experiences

By: William Buhlman

Based on my twelve-year survey of over sixteen thousand people the reported benefits of out-of-body experiences extend far beyond the limits of our physical senses and our intellect. After an out-of-body experience many people report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity, a transformation of their self-concept and a dramatic elimination of their fear of […]

The Best Spiritual Practice: Does Practice Really Make Perfect?

By: Johnathan Ellerby

Its seems almost silly to have to say it, but to improve at anything practice is almost always essential. Right? Even if you want to get good at doing nothing, you still need to do a lot of it! Most people know that if you want to be physically fit, you need regular exercise. If […]