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Synchronicity Strikes Again

Bill White

In studying the phenomena of synchronicity over the last 30 years, I’ve stated again and again that synchronicity is an actual language of metaphor that God or the Universe uses to assist us in discerning our destiny or purpose. I’m often asked by clients how you begin to learn what synchronistic messages mean. While it’s true that you can often recognize a synchronistic event and fail to grasp its meaning, often we can begin to understand it by first analyzing the metaphorical meaning of what we experience. Other times, it is a repeat of the symbology over time that reveals the meaning of the synchronicity.

I have a very recent case in point. Many of my clients and readers have heard the story of my 26 1/2 hour trek across America and the events that led up to it. For those who haven’t, during my twenties I lost my girlfriend, car and job 6 different times within a two week period. The final time this happened, I had 2 very strong synchronistic signs that prompted me to drive half way across country. The first happened on the Saturday morning before I left Virginia. I was awakened by a very loud racket outside the house. When I walked out to explore what it was, I discovered that there were 3 crows chasing a red-tail hawk over my house. This may not be an obvious sign to you, but I studied shamanism in my teens and knew the crow as my primary power animal. The crows took off to the east. The hawk stayed and circled for awhile, then flew off to the west. This was to me, signaling a changing of the guard from crow medicine to hawk medicine and signaled a change coming.

Sure enough, 6 months later I was married, had a child on the way, a home being built and a thriving career, all in the great state of Texas.

Now the experience that signaled all of this was dealing with my power animals and didn’t say much except that I took it to metaphorically mean I was heading west, and this not until after the fact. So it was until recently that I found a similar experience pointing to a similar outcome on the horizon.

You see very recently I met a woman and we began talking. As the attraction became more obvious we found ourselves having strong feelings and because she lives quite a distance, we talked about her moving to my area. Last week, while I spoke with her on the phone, at exactly 1:11pm, I walked out front of my house and a red- tailed hawk flew out of the oak tree in my front yard. As if this didn’t startle and excite me enough, 5 crows flew out just after, from the same spot as if they had been sitting together.

If you think about the history this imagery had before, I think it is pretty clear what this will signal once again. These commonalities increase your understanding of the synchronicity that happens in your life, and allow you to increase your fluency in the universal language.

I’m very excited that this happened and at a time where I could share the experience with you. What has happened in your own life that signaled a change? What coincidences occurred that seemed to foreshadow big events? Can you think of two events that share a common synchronicity style?

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