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Spinning The Wheel

By: Bill White

I can’t express how many times in coaching my clients I’ve heard questions asking why someone might be born in a particular time or why the economy has to falter at this point in life. These questions all elude to the larger circumstances that we find ourselves immersed in as we play out the drama […]

The Synchronicity of Love

By: Bill White

Love, is there anything finer in this world than the one feeling that captivates us with such a sense of wonder?Whether we’re talking Agape, Eros or Philia love is one of the four currencies that makes life worth living.Let me back up a minute and explain Agape, Eros and Philia to those who aren’t familiar […]

Summertime Nutrition

By: Sarica Cernohous

The colorful bounty of foods readily available this time of year, evidenced by strolling through the grocery’s produce section, or at a lively farmers’ market, reminds us that Mother Nature is on full display! From the spectral range of green, black, purple, and red grapes, to the equally colorful varieties of peppers, tomatoes, and chilies, […]

Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet 1: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

By: General Content

Translation by DorealI, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries,keeper of records, mighty king, magician,living from generation to generation,being about to pass into the halls of Amenti,set down for the guidance ofthose that are to come after,these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.In the great city of KEOR on the island of UNDAL,in a […]

Properties of waves and wave cycles. Scalar, transverse, energy and more

By: Chris Plouffe

I’d like to talk about some different types of waves, their properties, and their cycles. We will focus on two concepts or types. One is longitudinal and the other transverse and how they fit in to the cycles.You may already be familiar with the common slinky image that shows the different between the two. (shown […]

Optical Universe

By: Chris Plouffe

I wanted to use this article as an introduction to ‘The Optical Universe’. A Nature based Science and Philosophy to help explain the Universe and everything in it. This work is inspired by the likes of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and especially Walter and Lao Russell. So I will begin by sharing a description of […]

Electricity, Magnetism, and the Vortex

By: Chris Plouffe

‘First be an electrician. Know the electric current if you wish to control people, matter, or your destiny.’ -RussellTo start… I am not an electrical engineer nor have I studied this type of engineering (actually glad that I haven’t been tainted).I just wanted to bring up some interesting correlations for the chemical elements and talk […]

Cardinal Symbolism: Taking Direction from Native American Wisdom

By: Avia Venefica

There is a strong current of Native American wisdom flowing through my lineage, and as I move through the exploration of Ecointuition and natural symbolism I’m constantly tapping into the expansive vessel of Native wisdom for insight.One of the first essentials conveyed to me while on my interpretive journey dealt with the symbolism of the […]