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Thoughts on Codes

Stuart Mitchell

Music harmony & the architecture of the Universe

The Seven Wonders of the world followed by the great buildings and cathedrals of medieval times demonstrate the concept of ‘Musical harmony in stone’ better that any other medium. The laws which define that concept are omnipresent at all levels throughout the universe and are based on a harmonic structure of which music is the mirror in the case of the human being. The universe is a universe of energies and those energies are formed and regulated by the laws of resonance, the science of Cymatics and the Divine proportions or golden section. The energy ‘Super Spectrum’ introduces scale into the structure by ascending and descending scales of which the diatonic musical scale is the mirror image. Each complete octave represents a particular level either higher or lower within the super spectrum. Regardless of the level, the laws apply equally across the spectrum. As above so below. Those laws when represented in a group and applying to the universe as a whole are the codes which become self evident when seen in context with the larger whole.

The Message of the Cubes

Having studied the ancient diatonic scale for many years and having realized the connection with sacred geometry, the Fibonacci series of numbers and the law of resonance, I was left with the missing piece of the puzzle. The missing factor emerged while studying the cubes in the arches at Rosslyn Chapel in the shape of the science of Cymatics. To put it simply, those are the harmonic geometric patterns produced by resonant harmonic vibration which causes standing waves to form at the null points (points at rest) of an object, while the vibrations of the resonant frequency are expressed by the harmonious movement of that vibration. Those take up geometric shapes, some like snowflakes whilst others are more complex but always harmonious. Of course, discordant or chaotic sounds will in turn produce chaotic patterns.

When shown as an experiment using a metal plate sprinkled with sand or salt, and then agitated by a violin bow on the edge of the plate to sound its resonant note, the sand or salt will take up the harmonious shape of that note or pitch expressed by the sand which has accumulated at the null points as standing wave patterns. Those are known as ‘Chladni patterns’ or ‘cymatic patterns’ after the 18th century scientist Ernest Chladni, who experimented with sound and resonant vibration. This factor joined up the final ‘dot’ to bring up the big picture and reveal what I had always known, that the Universe was consciously created and harmoniously conceived. If music here on earth is the micro-cosmos, then the music of the Universe is the macro-cosmos. Music as we know it has always been fundamental and inherent in our species and it is simply a ‘mirror’ of the harmonic laws that make up and hold the Universe together by the laws of the musical diatonic scale, the sacred geometry of the Divine Proportions and the law of resonance.

The Universe is composed of energy forming a ‘super spectrum’ from the atom to the galaxy. The super spectrum proceeds by ascending octaves via the harmonic vibration of the Divine proportions of the Golden
section. Within the super spectrum, all things have their own unique resonant frequency which we can call its vibrational thumbprint. At this point the science of Cymatics enters the picture via the law of resonance, at which point the unique thumbprint pattern can be generated from the resonant frequency vibration provided the target object is at approximately the same resonant frequency as that of the source vibration.

A good analogy is to imagine two tuning forks… size is not relevant as it only the resonant pitch that is important. When one fork is struck in proximity to the other, it will proceed to vibrate in sympathy with the source fork. If this was applied to two cymatic plates, the same result would be obtained.

Armed with this knowledge, we can now view the Universe as two distinct dimensions both sharing the same space. One is the physical Universe and the other is the invisible but Creative dimension of Universal Life which permeates the physical Universe at all levels. It also allows us to ‘open a third eye’ on reality and see those two dimensions, the visible and the invisible at work. We will also come to realize that Creation cannot take place without a Creator and that realization alone can change our lives, and THAT I see is ‘The Message of the cubes,’ and the Holy Grail of ancient knowledge.

The Purpose

The totality of the physical universe is composed of particles, which makes up the whole. A human Being is one particle within that greater whole. He is a micro-cosmos within the macro-cosmos. If this is so, then by knowing oneself you will know the universe at large… as above so below.

This knowing sets up a resonance, a vibration of spiritual energy, which then resonates with all of the particles via the Law of Resonance. In his normal state the human Being is not in a state of knowingness in that sense. The aim is to work on self to achieve that high state of knowingness and self awareness, which imparts understanding of one’s nature and place in the scheme of things thereby initiating the resonant vibration, which will put us in contact with the Greater Ocean of awareness and spiritual energy, which constitutes the spiritual universe at large. Only then will a Being reach his purpose here on earth and return to his true origin.

Taking the concept that the individual is a micro-cosmos and must therefore contain the inner qualities of the macro-cosmos (the part makes up the whole), then we have the basis for the resonant frequency with which we require to resonate with the greater infinite macro-cosmos. The statement ‘know thyself’ was given as the KEY many years ago by Hermes/Thoth. Man on earth is mainly in a state of confusion and unknowingness about Self and his true spiritual nature. The purpose is to achieve knowingness and clarity about who and what he is and then the resonating frequency will be revealed. The goal is to contact the inner qualities that we now know are there, for we cannot arise and have our beingness from the Greater infinite Cause without containing in potential, those Greater qualities to be developed and contacted within us. Those qualities and that knowingness is the resonating frequency we require to contact and resonate with the macro-cosmos. If ‘I’ become aware that I am an infinite and knowing Being, I will resonate with those qualities. Growing awareness takes one beyond the confines of Self as the ‘only one’ concept. It lifts the Being out of and beyond the self as a creature of the physical reality and lifts the veil on the inner qualities of the self as a spiritual Being who is part of the Greater and Infinite Cause. If we as individual particles of the Greater whole vibrate in sympathy (resonate) with the totality of the particles (macro-cosmos) then by the law of resonance we will become a resonant part of the whole. This is the royal road to achieving our purpose here on earth.

Universal Basics

From my own research and experience over the years I have come to several conclusions about I am certain in my own mind. First of all, the universe is consciously created and Life is omnipresent throughout it. My experiences have led me to the conclusion that the universe is primarily composed of energy, despite the fact that some of it appears to be solid and I suppose you could say that it is solid energy, but at an atomic level it is in continuous flux.

Secondly, there is a super spectrum of energy which descends in octaves from the highest levels of galaxies down to the atom, and all levels obey the same laws. The descending octaves are harmonic in nature and obeys the laws of the musical diatonic scale and in fact, music which is so fundamental to the human condition, is simply a mirror of this great cosmic structure. The ancient Sufis knew this and they left a diagram called the ‘Enneagram’ which explores this system and which contains the scale and the laws of 3 and 7.

Thirdly, the energy which brings about the form is basically harmonic which is why the musical analogy applies here and the law which brings order to those forms is the law of resonance. This law is like the mortar in a brick wall– it holds the bricks apart but also holds them together. Each thing or object has its own particular thumbprint resonant frequency, which sets it apart from other things yet it will also resonate with another object which is approximately at the same resonant frequency vibration. A good comparison is two tuning forks which share the same resonant frequency and in each case size does not matter, only the resonant frequency. Nikola Tesla the genius electrical engineer at the turn of the 1900’s used this law when ex- perimenting with resonance when he used a small electronic box, which resonated at the frequency of the earth and was able to bring about mutual resonance with the earth in his experiments. This is an extremely important factor in the research into how the individual within the collective human consciousness can affect the totality of the collective human consciousness as a whole with an understanding of this law which has been seriously underestimated by science and esoteric teaching as a whole. A new book called ‘The Field’ by Lynn McTaggart explores this in connection with recent advances in new quantum physics. The bigger picture which is emerging is that the work that was done mainly in the 20th century, has given us a better understanding of energy, especially with the law of resonance which is the KEY to something very special.

Article written by TJ Mitchell ~ provided by Stuart Mitchell

Stuart Mitchell

I love music, knowledge, animals, life, architecture, not doing a 9-5 job, physics, acoustics, Red Panda's, dreaming, spiritual journeys, the joy and the sadness, mountains, rivers, canyons, Saturn's Rings, Titan, Olympus Mons, the stars, the light and the truth. I love discussions with my friends on all aspects of all life and how we can collaborate to expand these ideas into reality. I love this idea about a 'key' to life. 'Key' as represented in music and as a symbol of universal understanding. The more I analyse nature the more I see an efficiency of simplicity within a structure that is beyond complexity. You may have a richly orchestrated score but it is always the melody that is ingrained into their minds and soul.I also like Hoegaarden beer mixed with just a hint of Cider to make a a really cool snake-bite. 🙂

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