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Taylor Swift - Life Path 7

Taylor-SwiftTaylor Swift (IMDB) has become a prolific household name, and let’s face it: either you love her or you might get critiqued if you express in public that you don’t. However, should you mention her given name Taylor Allison Swift, many in the general public might not recognize her name.

Life Path 7

Taylor’s Life Path number is 7 based on a calculation using her exact birth date of December 13, 1989. Although the number 7 carries a connotation of perpetual luck and charm Biblically and secularly, this number as a life path number is not all flowers and giggles. This is largely because Life Path 7’s can tend to get into their own heads too much, thereby making it more difficult for others to join the “party.”

Taylor Swift’s Life Path number expressed itself early in life when she spent endless hours with a guitar and writing instrument in hand penning her own songs and music. Fortunately for this ambitious virtuoso, Taylor’s parents supported and encouraged her budding talent and continue to do so to this day.

The irony of the Life Path 7 as it applies to one of the most prolific performing icons of the 21st century is the caveat that Life Path 7’s are ironically introverts and actually thrive on being alone. This is evidenced in Taylor’s persona by her propensity to spend hours writing and composing from the time she was a child. Life Path 7’s also can be sensitive and might struggle to maintain long term relationships because they live so much through “themselves” and have a tendency to always have the last worst.

Major Expression Number 4

As aforementioned, most people — fans and the general public as well — may not know that Taylor’s middle name is Allison. This is because throughout her career, Taylor has never used her middle name in her publicity or performances. This is why her Major Expression which is based on her full birth name is a 4 and her Minor Expression which is based on the name she currently goes by is a 6.

Perhaps Taylor Swift connects more naturally to her Expression Number 4 on the business end, as these expression numbers emulate the core and bedrock of anything and everything solid and managerial. Expression number 4 does not play when it comes to anything unstable, insecure, and/or unpredictable. Perhaps the best example of Taylor exhibiting her expression number 4 qualities is her drive and success at turning her dreams into reality. Not only has she dreamed it (and continues to do so), she has written about it and gone forth into the world and turned those dreams into reality with divinity and grace. Regardless of her energetic drive, her often benevolent attitudes toward her concert-goers and fans speaks of her humanity.

Minor Expression Number 6

There may be some irony in that the Expression Number 4 is the more black-and-white and dogmatic drive of Taylor Swift because Expression Number 6 puts aside the dogmatic drive of Expression Number 4 and ushers in the artsy colorful traits that make her music so clever.

Her songs range from extravagant love experiences into broken-hearted melancholy. In the midst of that range she provides pop energy and tells her listeners to “shake it off.” Notwithstanding the contrast between Major Expression 4 and Minor Expression 6, Taylor Allison Swift manages to provide a creative, musical and artsy talent that is synthesized with a savvy business person who can effectively and methodically work toward the realization of her very admirable life goals.

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