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Getting Married and Numerology

Marriage NumerologyResearch shows that more and more women are keeping their own names after marrying. If you haven’t yet decided, here’s a unique look at the subject. We interviewed our resident numerologist, to help clients with this important decision.

Q What are some of the reasons that 25% of women are NOT changing their names these days?

A: Well, first there are the practical considerations…the inconvenience of changing your social security card, driver’s license, business cards, investment records, car title, bank loans, and credit cards. Then there are the issues of maintaining your credit rating and becoming untraceable to childhood friends. And finally, many women naturally sense that changing their names actually changes their personal energy.

Q Any other reasons?

A: Yes, there have always been the women who made names for themselves in business or public lives before getting married—and this group is growing steadily.

Q So do you think tradition is on the way out?

A: Hardly. As a Name Consultant, I’ve seen plenty of great reasons for changing a name. For instance, some women have never liked their names to begin with! They’re either hard to pronounce, or spell, or have embarrassing double meanings and negative associations. Besides, many women simply love the idea of sharing their husband’s name. Yet it’s still important to choose the name that’s best for you, and Numerology can help a lot.

Q So how does Numerology work with names?

A: It looks at the two people getting married and compares the meaning of their birth names and birth dates. It sheds light on their true relationship, their path together in life, their similarities and differences, their deepest hearts’ desires and more.

Q I’ve heard you say ‘when you change your name, it changes you’. What do you mean by that?

A: Numerology reveals that our birth dates and birth names are no coincidence…they’re like secret codes! When our names and birth dates are analyzed, they paint an amazingly accurate portrait of our character traits and life direction. So when we change our names, our ‘portraits’ are altered.

Q Does that mean it’s bad to change your name?

A: No, in fact, changing your name can sometimes help immensely. It can even enhance certain qualities that will make your life easier. Many celebrities have known about Numerology for years and have used it very successfully!

Q Can you tell anything about your future husband by having his name analyzed?

A: Yes—you‘d be amazed! I had my very first Numerology consultation years ago because I was falling in love and wanted to see what it would tell me about him—and us. It confirmed some things I already knew were true—like he prefers to eat at home, and his family is very important to him—but it also revealed things I didn’t know about him yet. It proved to be incredibly accurate over time. I still have that session on tape!

Q So the Numerologist said you were ‘compatible’?

A: Actually, she told me we had some big differences we’d need to work out if we stayed together! She simply said ‘these are going to be some of the wonderful things, and these are going to be your challenges.’ Knowing important differences at the very beginning of a new relationship can be such an advantage–and the similarities offer hope. There are times when we ALL need that!

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