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Numerology: Birthday Numbers

Your Birthday number is represented by the number of the day you were born (i.e. the 10th, the 26th, etc.)

It is very closely connected to your Life Path number — it reveals the approach you take in doing what you’re here to do, and how you’re likely to react to life’s challenges and opportunities. It also indicates a specific talent and ability you possess that will help you on your Life Path, tendencies that need to be balanced, and the key to your emotional happiness..

If you were born on a double-digit day (i.e. the 13th), it is necessary to look at both numbers separately, as well as their sum. In this example, being born on the 13th means you have the ‘approach of a 4’, but are also influenced by the 1 and 3 energies which suggest additional abilities and character traits. The 13 brings very different underlying talents to the 4 than someone born on the 22nd, for instance, which also adds up to a 4.

Once you learn the basic traits of the numbers, we encourage you to experiment with the following ‘game’ at your next party or event. Interview the guests, asking them to tell you the number of the day they were born. Since their age still remains a secret, most will be happy to oblige!

Then proceed to list the talents and abilities each number in their Birth Day reveals – including the traits suggested by the sum of the numbers (in the case of a double-digit Birth Day). As your confidence and experience continues to grow, most will be amazed at the high-level accuracy of your ‘readings’. And you will be well on your way to learning the ancient science of Numerology!

For a quick review of the number traits visit Number Characteristics.

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