Compatibility Numerology Report

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Including full middle name, not just the letter
This is usually just the First and Last Name
Including full middle name, not just the letter


Find out how your numerology chart compares with your lovers, you family member, or whoever you like!

Increase harmony and understanding between you and someone important in your life. It was written in ‘the language of love’, but it is amazingly helpful in improving family and work relationships as well.

Your compatibility report will be a detailed, and shockingly accurate, 30+ page report that compares your strengths and challenges as partners, and suggests ways to avoid potential landmines and double your bliss in life!

Included are your individual and compatibility comparison of your:

  • Life Paths – Your most fulfilling direction and the major lessons
  • Expressions – Your individual talents, abilities, and goal in life & how they relate
  • Heart’s Desires – Your desires at your very deepest level
  • Personality – Your surface traits and how people perceive you
  • Personal Months & Years – Your individual trends you will experience for the next 2 years


Take the guess work out of your relationship and have valuable insight in to what really motivates and drives you and your lover!