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Michael Jackson - Life Path 6

Michael-JacksonMichael Jackson was born Michael Joseph Jackson (IMDB) on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, the 8th of ten children born to “Papa” Joe Jackson and his wife Katherine. His father Joe always wanted to be famous himself, but his own music career went nowhere, at which point he then focused on his sons. Older sons Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon initially formed a singing group, which later became the Jackson 5 when youngest Michael joined. The singing brothers were an instant Motown success, earning three Grammy’s and several other awards.

Michael later pursued a solo career, quickly rising to the top as the “King of Pop.” He was known for his signature Moonwalk dance, for wearing a single white glove, and for his unique vocals and dance styles. As a Virgo, his tendency towards perfectionism meant that his original songs were the best he could achieve, and indeed, many became chart-topping hits. Jackson is one of the most notable best-selling artists in music history, having set 39 Guinness Records, won 13 Grammy Awards, gained a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and received several hundred other awards.

Life Path 6

Life Path 6 is the Harmonizer, a fitting description for a singer of Jackson’s caliber. This life path is always looking for ways to promote peace and harmony, which Jackson frequently attempted with his music, with such hits as “We are the World,” “Health the World,” and “I will be there.” Harmonizers have magnetic personalities, and Michael Jackson certainly fits that description. Family was very important to him, and he doted on his children, as well as his mother and siblings. He was a leader in the music industry, and his ability to draw people in was astounding, especially demonstrated in the coordination of the charity single “We Are the World,” which featured dozens of big-name recording stars who were all convinced to participate and come together at Jackson’s behest.

Expression Number 8

Jackson’s birth name, Michael Joseph Jackson, comes from Expression Number 8, which demonstrates the power to achieve greatness. People with this expression number strive to be the best and most successful in their fields. Jackson was the epitome of this expression, achieving greatness as a musician and songwriter to a magnitude never seen before. Prior to his death, he was widely considered to be a visionary, as many with this expression number are. He was a leader among others, not only in his own business and solo singing career but also among other big-name musicians.

Those who worked for him were devoted and loyal, standing by him even in the face of controversy and even beyond his untimely death. Michael Jackson was an artist unlike others who came before him. He rose from the ashes of his father’s abusive management of his early career as a child, stepped from behind the shadows of his brothers, and became one of the most successful recording artists of the 20th Century.

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