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Life path 5

Life Path Number 5

The Flexible Five

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The Life Path 5 loves to have variety in life. Anything new is exciting. Whether it is traveling to a place you’ve never been, or meeting new people, you are always looking for that next experience and adventure.

The war cry of the Life Path 5 is “Freedom!

You need to explore what life has to offer, and don’t see any need to be rooted to a specific place. You tend to be the life of the party because you will go out of your way to meet everyone in the room.

For the Life Path 5 a career that requires you to be in a certain place at a certain time everyday will not be the best situation. Instead you should consider a career that provides a unique daily experience. This could be careers from sales, where you interact with various clients, to a nature photographer which requires you to travel and explore the farthest reaches of earth.

A few well known Life Path 5 people: Angelina Jolie, Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, Dr Dre, Vincent van Gogh, Tina Turner. (see extended list)

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