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Life path 2

Life Path Number 2

The Diplomat

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As a Life Path 2 you will find yourself attracted to a life of building and nurturing relationships. You bring unity and compassion to the world with your big heart and have a tendency to bring out the good in people in your life.

You can be very affectionate and considerate of other people’s needs. You make good mediators because you can often see both sides of an argument with amazing clarity, which can be a very positive quality… Except when arguing your own points because you tend to become indecisive.

Careers that suit the Life Path 2 are ones that will allow you to serve others and society. Examples of these at the highest level would be: diplomat, president, ambassador. But make no mistake, even as a social worker or baby-sitter you can still make an impact with your strong nurturing influence. Some fellow Life Path 2’s are: Barrack Obama, Tony Blaire, Jennifer Aniston, Amelia Earhart, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Kennedy.

One thing to be aware of as a Life Path 2, since you thrive on giving and helping, you can become resentful when someone else’s generosity is not returned in the capacity that you give. It is important for you to keep in mind that everyone shows their appreciation in different and often widely dissimilar ways.

If you are reading this because you know someone a Life Path 2, be sure to show your appreciation whenever possible, be it a simple card, a hug, flowers, or even treating them to dinner.

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