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Expression number 22

Expression Number 22

You are the master builder.

You possess a unique gift for perceiving something in the archetypal world – infinite and divine – and making some semblance of it manifest on earth.
You dream big. Every goal you have is enormous in scope. You dream of creating something that will last for centuries. Your desire is to change history. You want to make your mark on human civilization. There is no limit to what you are capable of, nor any on what you dream of doing.

Of all the numbers, yours possesses the greatest potential for accomplishment. At the same time, you possess the greatest liability. What it will require of you to fulfill your potential is nothing less than your entire life. Even as a child, you have had a vague sense of what you must do and have always been deeply intimidated by the awesomeness of your task.

You have felt the intimations of your power. But these feelings have caused you to feel paralyzed by doubt.

You must advance well into adulthood before you can begin to make use of your power and truly commit to your destiny. The promise and reward of your Expression is equaled only by the degree of difficulty and struggle necessary to realize its potential.

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