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Elvis Presley - Life Path 9

Elvis PresleyElvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, along with his identical twin brother, Jesse Gaaron Presley, who died at birth. He would end up being the only living child of his parents, Gladys and Vernon. Raised in the Assembly of God Church, Elvis’ first musical inspiration was the gospel songs of his mother’s faith.

The family grew up in poverty as Vernon frequently moved from one job to another, and this experience later went on to inspire Elvis’ music, heavily steeped in the blues. Throughout the 1950s, Elvis performed in churches, at county fairs, and later in clubs and on the radio in Tennessee. Presley enjoyed enormous success as the “King of Rock and Roll” throughout his career, which included selling over 500 million records, 115 Top 40 songs, and three Grammy Awards.

Life Path 9

With a Life Path of 9, Elvis belonged to the “humanitarian” life path. These individuals are known to be idealistic, which Elvis certainly was. Elvis blended a variety of musical styles in ways not commonly seen before, including aspects of African-American Blues and Rock and Roll, which was the progression from swing music. Like many with Life Path 9, Elvis saw the big picture and the overall goal of his career, which spanned nearly 40 years.

People with this life path tend to attract talent and helpers from many different walks of life, resulting in a diverse support system. This life path strives for beauty and potential, which many of Elvis’ songs accomplished. Hits like “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “American Trilogy” are some of the most beautiful songs recorded in the Blues and Rock genres.

Elvis’ husky, deep voice was unique and soothing, and many had a social impact, raising awareness of African-American aspects of music. Although Presley himself was white, his music paved the way for the music of Black musicians to be taken more seriously in the years moving forward.

Expression Number 5

Elvis’ Expression Number is 5, meaning he was a free spirit who craved excitement and adventure. Elvis broke many barriers and conventions in music, with some even accusing him of being a detriment to America’s youth with his suggestive dancing style and musical lyrics. However, Presley was a man who broke through traditional barriers, as a white man who sang a predominantly African-American genre and a very handsome man who encouraged breaking down barriers regarding sexuality and romantic expression. This Expression Number is very adaptable, and Elvis certainly was as well.

He transitioned easily between Gospel and Rock and Roll, and even between performance careers, as he went on to act in several movies in addition to his musical career. His iconic home, Graceland, showed off his exotic nature with its 70s style and unique Jungle Room, showcasing Elvis’ flamboyant style.

Elvis sadly left the world too early, at the age of 42, due to a heart attack after years of unhealthy living, but his legacy lives on!

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