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Harmonic Voice Mandala

By John Stuart and Analiese Shandra Reid

We live in a world filled with myriads of shimmering holographic sound bubbles that have been invisible to the naked eye—until now. Thanks to the invention of a new instrument called the CymaScope this once-invisible realm of sound is at last revealed. One particularly wonderful aspect of this invention is that it allows us to see our own voice patterns in the form of ‘Harmonic Voice Mandalas’

Your voice is a holographic representation of all that you are and contains all aspects of your energetic field. Ancient sages have taught for millennia that the voice is a bridge to the divine. This quote from a Greek traveler in Egypt sums it up perfectly:

‘In Egypt, when priests sing hymns to the gods, they sing the seven vowels in due succession and the sound of these vowels has such euphony that men listen to it instead of the flute and the lyre.’ ~ Demetrius 200 BCE

sonic Rebirth

Your body consists of a delicate tracery of energy, arranged layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. Your vocal folds hold and emit these frequencies when you speak or sing, bathing your body and everyone in your vicinity with a template of your being. The CymaScope instrument has become the bridge that allows us to see and enjoy this beauty for the first time in history.

Your Harmonic Voice Mandala is a moment of your voice made visible captured on the CymaScope, and will contain gorgeous geometries—everyone’s voice contains beauty. But Harmonic Voice Mandalas are not mere objects of beauty and art; it is well known that the human voice contains healing qualities and when sunlight or incandescent light illuminates the pattern the light will become modulated by the geometry, bathing your personal space in healing light frequencies.

How the CymaScope work

The CymaScope works by imaging the pattern that sound makes as it encounters the surface of water, essentially using the surface tension of water as a super-sensitive membrane. When sound interacts with any membrane it creates a fleeting imprint, similar to a fingerprint on glass. Despite what is taught in schools and colleges all the sounds around you travel to your ears as beautiful holographic bubbles, not as waves. Sound waves do not actually exist. The wave model is merely a mathematical concept and it is not how sound actually travels. The CymaScope effectively images a slice through the sound bubble of your voice, revealing the beauty within.

Sound Bubble
Sound Bubble

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