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Harmonic Nature
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Harmonic Nature

It is often said that we should live in harmony with Nature. But what does this really mean?

It goes without saying that humanity does not yet know how to live harmoniously. Wars, crime, pollution, economic collapse, political extremism, religious fundamentalism, scientific dogmatism and even climate change are all examples of imbalance. Many would say we need to learn how to live together peacefully and resolve conflict through respect and love. Others say sustainability is the key, balancing resources against consumption. But, no matter how we define it, we need a shared philosophy of harmony.

Still, how exactly should we define this ideal of harmony in nature? What model should we use and how can it be used to rebalance social behavior and create sustainable solutions? The answer can be found in something called resonance.

At the macro scale of nature, hot plasma swirls into galaxies which in turn swirls into solar systems – each with their own swirling planets and moons. From these seas of plasma arise a grand harmony of light, resonating over time into calm concentric rings along sweeping spiral arms. This is the balance of spiral and circle that sets the stage for life.

But, at the micro scale of nature lies the quantum fabric of spacetime, seething as a matrix of perfectly balanced standing waves. Within this matrix, crystals of light form into resonating atoms. And as different atoms resonate at different harmonies, they bond into larger geometric structures we call molecules. This is the music of the elements, resonating inside the standing wave structure of spacetime.

Then, at the very moment when the macro is in balance with the micro, the most beautiful music of all begins to play. This is the music of carbon and water bonding into endless strings of sticky amino acids, creating the building blocks of life. Through a continuous process of resonance, they begin to fold into proteins, self-organize as DNA, enclose into cells and grow into organisms, evolving in harmony with their surroundings. This is no accident, but instead a preexisting and inevitable outcome of a universe made of harmonic laws.

Thus, we find ourselves at the crossroad between macro and micro – a world projected from above and so below. Inside this reality sandwich, it is we who live on the razor’s edge with the greatest potential for harmony. It is our self that offers the model we seek, if only our minds are free to accept the harmonic nature within us. Nothing is lacking but the key.

Which came first,
was it the chicken
or the egg?

Like a resonating plate of swirling plasma inside the nurturing egg of space, the planets had no choice but to resonate into concentric golden orbits according to the same 12:5 cymatic geometries found in the human body. Harmonics create the same patterns in all things.

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