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Sound Healing
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Toning and Tuning

Toning is the universal language of sound. The act of toning or tuning is the letting out of nonverbal sound as a release to create balance and harmony within self. It is achieved through the elongation of a note or tone, using breath and voice. It encourages the full spectrum of your energy field, helping to release old patterns of physical, emotional and mental limitations, allowing you to live your divine purpose more fully.

Human Voice CymaticsIt is a highly intuitive experience; you have been doing it since birth and did not have a full awareness of this powerful healing potential. When toning you are aligning yourself with the sacred energies of healing sounds, creating a highly transformative field of healing energy and accessing frequencies of light within the synergistic group vortex.

The benefits of sound and toning healing include enhanced cellular healing and clearing of the emotional body, enhanced self-expression and self-empowerment, and heightened creativity. The vibration of the human voice is considered the most powerful healing force of all. The tonal quality of our voice tells more about us then the words we speak. Our voices affect the cells and molecules of our body and can restore our innate harmony and perfection. Through toning we can vibrate and stimulate our entire physical system.

All major religions and spiritual traditions have practiced sound to uplift our spirits. In shamanic traditions, medicine people used chanting to heal wounds, protect and empower themselves and others. Some cultures practice a form of singing called keening or wailing to release sorrow and heal grief after a person dies.

We resonate from our diaphragm, chest, heart, lungs, throat, tongue, and face vibrating all levels of our being connecting us with our emotions. This helps open our hearts and get out of our head, unifying our body/mind. It is actually more difficult to stay in a low energy state than it is to stay at a higher vibration. Using sound, for instance by singing, allows our breath to deepen, our emotions to open and the sound vibrations to move and resonate through us rather than being held back. As our breath deepens we increase the life force within us and our auditory system and internal awareness process becomes more sensitive.

Many of us today were to taught to be seen and not heard therefore repressing our need to be auditory. We need to get in touch with the tensions we are holding and begin to release them gently and lovingly through guided relaxation, meditation, breathing, and singing. Deepening and expanding the voice is important work. Learning to use the diaphragm correctly is also essential. As we release our tensions our unique natural voice emerges in an organic easy process. Our voices will become full of life force, and vitality, with increasing flexibility, resonance and expressiveness.

So, as you can see, toning is a very powerful approach to healing ourselves. It is a form of singing, an active vocal healing meditation that can help us to free our natural voice, and connect with the deeper rhythms and vibrations of our being. When you bring your awareness inward and develop deep concentration the vocalization of individual pitches will resonate with specific body areas. Through toning we can learn to regulate our blood flow, increase oxygenation, and ‘tune’ our nervous system, glands, and organs. As you reach a deeper concentration your mind chatter will disappear and your emotions will calm as you become totally involved with the process and your awareness heightens.

You are already toning in ways that you may not be aware of, such as: yawning when you are tired, moaning in pain, laughing when you are joyful. Other natural ways your body tones is by whistling , crying, screaming, shouting, gasping, snuffling, sneezing, belching, etc. Studies have shown that sound enters our physical body directly before being processed by the brain, unlike vision, which must be filtered through the center of the brain first. Sound can give us immediate access to our emotions and a deep inner body knowing. We are all energy and vibration.

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