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The Zero Point Field and Law of Resonance

By Thomas J. Mitchell

The next step in human evolution will be spiritual, not physical ~ Musician and composer, Thomas J. Mitchell

Man is no different from any other species inasmuch as he must evolve, or begin the resulting process of extinction. In this case, the evolution must be a spiritual one if Man is to survive his self destructive nature of ‘evolution by war.’ Before we can look at how this will done, we have to examine Man’s present make-up and condition so that we can observe what is required if he is to survive his downward spiral to self destruction. Truth can be an elusive commodity but in this case the truth of the matter is that Man has reached his physical evolutionary goal and must look to his spiritual progress if he is to evolve any further. To do this he has to take a radical view of what he actually IS and what he is not. For too long he has been educated into believing that he is a body first and foremost… a creature of the physical reality which could not be further from the truth. Secondly, successive religions have educated him into believing that he is a victim of original sin leaving him with a deep-seated sense of guilt and unworthiness. One has only to take a stroll around any gallery and observe the large medieval religious paintings to get this sense of unworthiness screaming at you from the canvas! This situation which has lasted for hundreds of years has been at the root of many destructive religious wars starting with the crusades to the middle east. Man has to somehow find a way out of this destructive religious loop if he is to regain his true spiritual heritage.

Science, and physics in particular, are at last coming around to show the way as outlined for instance in a new book on Quantum Physics, by Lynn McTaggart called The Field, in which she discusses a number of advances in recent years referring to the Zero Point Field which point up the spiritual rather than the physical nature of the universe. It is a must book for anyone interested in this subject. The way I have come to see it, is that we are part of a ‘super spectrum’ of energies all obeying the same basic laws — from the basest physical objects all the way to the spiritual aesthetic wavelengths. However, the important fact is, that BEYOND this point we enter the CREATIVE UNIVERSE OF THE SPIRIT. For each and every spiritual Being on this planet, this is his or her HOME UNIVERSE except that on this ‘prison planet’ they have dropped below awareness of this fact. The fact of the matter is that the human Being is first and foremost a spiritual Being who HAS a body rather than BEING a body, and it is from that foundation that the next step in the evolution of the species must take place. Certain religious dogma has trapped the Being in a mythical belief system which has caused him/her to abdicate from their true spiritual condition. It sits like a schism or a buffer between the Being and his true Source and bars the way back to his true concept of himself as the Source/Creator in his own inner spiritual space. Once this concept is achieved, the Being will realise that he is the Creator of his own mind, data and pictures and he will cease to be driven obsessively by his mind and its belief systems. When this realisation dawns, the Being’s viewpoint is reversed through 180 degrees and he is no longer a ‘creature of the physical reality’ and comes to the realisation that he creates his own world. The freedom from being mind and belief-driven produces an evolved Being and a new Man, which in turn becomes the first step in the next evolution of the species.

At this point I will introduce the subjects of ‘resonance’ and the ‘collective consciousness.’ This is the HOW where the above is the WHAT.

I quote a passage here from a book by Olga Kharitidi, a Russian psychiatrist, regarding the nature of man. The passage says that ‘the human being is a dual being and in the scientific paradigm of physics today, he is both a particle and a wave. [Here we are back to the Zero Point Field of quantum physics]. The human being sees himself as particle based and thus an individual, but he is in fact a wave form and thus can connect to all things.’ What she is saying here is that man is a physical body (particle) but is in fact a spiritual Being (wave). As a ‘wave’ in this context, man the individual is also part of the collective consciousness, in touch with it in its entirety. The problem is, that man has fallen away from his awareness of himself as a ‘wave’ in this context and the next evolution of the species is the recovery of this concept and his ‘resurrection’ as a spiritual Being.

The ‘particle/wave’ concept gave me the clue about a new particle in the human collective which is also a wave, and the NEW particle, which has not existed before in the collective is the next step in the evolution of the spiritual collective- consciousness and it will go on as a wave to reach all parts of the collective and as such it is building a bridge within it for all Beings to cross to the new level of spiritual evolution for the species. It will reach out like a great spider’s web to resonate with the entire collective via its wave-form (resonant frequency). This new particle will be permeating the collective and building a bridge to other Beings by ‘catalytic proximity’ and the resonant wave duality factor of the Beings… this is very much in the nature of the Zero Point Field.

The law of resonance states:

To resonate is to vibrate in sympathy.

Sympathy is the condition where one thing responds to the action of another with affinity or correlation.

Frequency is the number of vibrations in a unit of time.

Vibration is oscillation … to change to and fro rapidly.

Resonant Frequency
 is the condition where two bodies or systems have the same sympathetic vibration one to the other. In this instance, size is not relevant, only the resonant frequency.

It must also be noted that the law states that it is the state of a system or body in which a large vibration is produced by a small stimulus of approximately the same frequency as that of the system.

All evolution is triggered by a mutation of one member of a species which is passed to other members of the species by the genes and DNA.

On the subject of spiritual evolution, the mechanism is slightly different. The mutation is as described above, when a member of the species moves to a higher spiritual vibrational frequency and crosses from creature of the physical reality, to Source/Creator. The Being moves from being a ‘particle,’ to the knowingness of being a ‘wave.’ This ‘wave’ condition obeys the law of resonance and in the same way as a physical mutation is passed down to the species by the genes, in the case of spiritual evolution it is passed down through the collective consciousness/Zero Point Field via the law of resonance and thus the new frequency vibrational resonance permeates the field, to be matched by those Beings who approximate the source frequency. In the context of the evolutionary trigger being one member of the species, the whole is the sum of its parts and it therefore follows that the parts influence the nature of the whole. In this case, the evolved part would have a catalytic effect on the whole via the energy spectrum of the collective consciousness, for the part cannot live in isolation from the whole and must therefore have interaction with it.

In 2005, the NASA science website reported on a mysterious but powerful energy frequency coming from the direction of the centre of the galaxy. A spokesman said that it was permeating every atom in the solar system which would have an effect which as yet cannot be predicted. This points up the fact that there are influences at work both within and from without the collective consciousness, for we do not live in a static universe, and I would say that evolution is the norm rather than the exception and that we are all part of an ongoing evolution at this time.

All of this begs the question … is what I have described a reality at this time? It is my belief from my own researches and experience that it is. It has been at work in the collective consciousness and we are probably too close to it to observe it properly, but its effects will become visible as time goes. As to the effects from outside of the solar system, we cannot predict this either, but whatever happens, nothing stands still and it is obvious in many ways that we are in a time of dramatic change.

Content courtesy of Thomas J Mitchell
Copyright (c) 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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