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New Moon In Pisces: A Season Of Miracles

Feb 27, 2014

New Moon Pisces

During the twilight hours of March 1st amidst momentous shifts in planetary energies we will all enter a season of miracles beneath a New Moon in Pisces. Between the flux of Mercury’s prograde in Aquarius on February 28th, Mars’ retrograde in Libra on March 1st, Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio on March 2nd, Jupiter’s prograde in Cancer on March 6th, and Venus’ entrance into Aquarius, also on March 6th, expect the month of March to usher in hope, grace, promise, and divine joys.

I predict the following events during the New Moon in Pisces cycle: obvious signs of divine intervention, freedom from self-defeat, terminations to hopeless circumstances, majestic spiritual empowerment, grievous exposures of duplicity, the revealing of secret enemies, powerful guardianship of the innocent or helpless, a growing global sense of active spiritual warfare, the unravelling of corrupt media, security enhancement through great resource allocations, explosions in supernatural phenomenon, and profound gravitations into the realms of spirit.

In our horoscopes Pisces reveals where we can find God. Through investment in the House where Pisces is found a soul can find success in the ancient quest to unify with God. This New Moon brings special attention to our brothers and sisters of the Tribe of Pisces who are all destined to find God within themselves whereas we of other Tribes find God through indirect experiences. The energies will soon be ripe for the ultimate mystics of the Zodiac, our beloved Pisces, to make great personal strides in their reach for God. Famous Pisceans include Manly Hall and Edgar Cayce, men who most certainly found God within.

A karmic return of epic proportions is upon us as an effect of this New Moon in Pisces. The sum of our entire lives has been factored in Heaven so that what we deserve according to spiritual laws will soon rush into our lives wherever our Pisces is found. The horoscope becomes invaluable at these precious times. I encourage my audience to identify the Pisces energy in their lives, through their horoscope, and to observe how life unfolds in the weeks ahead. This will help you all to develop cosmic consciousness and to gain enlightened bearings on your spiritual standing and overall place within the grand scheme.

What is one to do with all these imminent cosmic events? Here is my counsel for the world: open yourselves to faith in unseen forces that love and fight for our sake and future. Open yourselves to selfless service and sacrifice as life presents to you. Open yourselves to universal love and intelligence that permeates our world. Open yourselves to all change that must occur for evolution to succeed. Be conscious of karma recognizing and respecting her balances. Transcend mundane thoughts knowing that super-spiritual energies will carry us furthest now. And perhaps most importantly, work to restore hope wherever it has been lost.

The angels are coming, the angels are coming, the angels are coming! Angels obey all cosmic laws meaning that although they may desperately want to intercede in our lives they must patiently wait for their cosmic times to come. These times are always when Pisces is active so with this New Moon just days away believe that the angelic presence on Earth will drastically increase in the weeks and months ahead according to Law. Watch as mysterious and beautiful photos manifest throughout the mediascape in the near future. The angels will be showing signs to develop our faith and prove their presence. They will show you their light…

Restoration to seemingly hopeless matters and bizarre episodes of self-ruin will define this lunar cycle which will culminate on September 8th, 2014 with the next Full Moon in Pisces. If you are one on the fringe of hope or tragedy have confidence that the time is upon us where the roots of your suffering will be addressed by divine powers. Maintain your faith and believe in miracles because the season for them is soon to begin. Faith enables miracles and God keeps count of those who keep faith and those who don’t. Perhaps the angels already know who is who and who needs what. If your heart swells to these words believe that your name is kept.

Angels know who’s good and bad, who’s lost their joy and who lives sad. Hope is coming with great force, with light and joy through Heaven’s course. See the lights and keep your faith, the truth is simple: God is great. With intervention coming soon we’ll all remember this New Moon! The tides are changing oh so fast, the grip of evil just won’t last. They’re weighted down while we are blessed, keep your strength and stand the test.

The path is lit with cosmic wealth, it comes so heavy, it comes in stealth. Jump for joy if you love God and as for me, I’m beyond awed. With nothing flawed my words are true, the Moon that comes has mystic hue. And that’s my cue, it’s time to go, I hope you love how my words flow.

Enjoy the future,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

Salvador Russo

Scholar, seeker, traveler, adventurer - all words that do me great justice. The military was my initiation into my 'Sagittarian Story' where my adolescence rapidly evolved and matured from an abundance of 'colorful' life experiences. Towards the twilight of my triumphant military campaign, as my ambitions burned relentlessly in my heart, I accepted a lucrative yet incredibly demanding position in Kuwait. It was in those unforgiving desert wastes, unplugged from the many matrices of control that I grew accustomed to where I began a rebirth that ultimately led me to a new, more enchanting desert locale: Arizona. Nothing could have prepared me for the multi-dimensional awakening that has unfolded here in Arizona of which Astrology has played a tremendous role. My self study into this Sacred Science enlightened me to the mind-numbing synchronistic majesty that is interwoven into the tapestry of life. Empowered with the wisdom of the heavens, I analyzed my own life at the soul level and much to my amazement I realized that from a professional perspective, I was destined to be an Intuitive Astrologer! After deep contemplation and loving, clairvoyantly-blessed encouragement from my soulmate Alexis, I aligned with my destiny and totally embraced my calling. Ever since, my skill and talent has been exploding at a rate that defies even my own admittedly high personal standards and expectations - and therein lies one of the most beautiful aspects of what I do: I reveal to people what their true calling is that they may enjoy their God-given rights of limitless joy, fulfillment, success, and most importantly, spiritual evolution. With my new-found cosmic vantage my desire and intention is to empower people by aligning them with their destiny while helping them understand what their unique role is as we all march towards the 2012 event horizon and into the Age of Aquarius, mankind's Golden Age.If living in sync with Cosmic Order sounds appealing to you I welcome you to read my free Intuitive Astrology status updates at my Starseed Astrology Fan Page on Facebook which will help you do just that. Until development is complete my services and rates are available upon request.In cosmic service,Astrologer Salvador RussoLinkedIn Twitter

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