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Blood Moon In Libra: Enter The Horsemen

Apr 9, 2014

On April 15th the first of four long heralded ‘blood moons’ will appear to awe and wonder. The prophetic, even apocalyptic undertones will fuel speculation throughout the world. The profound significance relates to the ancient scriptures which foretold of ‘seals’ and ‘horseman.’

The truth, as I understand it, is that the four ‘blood moons’ are the ‘four horseman’ of Revelation and that the utter destruction of Babylon, the shadow kingdom on Earth, is upon us. I now present to you my humble interpretation of the first blood moon which occurs in the House of Libra, the House of Judgement…

This eclipse will activate a new life cycle that will elevate and connect us with the perfect people at the perfect times and for the perfect reasons. This cycle is all about the prosperity of partnerships and quality of life enhancements that come through valuable relationships, existing and new. Expect God to answer your prayers through the wealth and opportunity that finds you through hands extended in the weeks ahead.

It is intended that forms of poverty and pain, however they exist, are soon vanquished through the harmonious and profitable dealings just ahead of us. Ascension will come most quickly to those who can cooperate to solve great problems, restore peace, exchange equally, and create higher qualities of life for as many people as possible. Believe that injustices in our lives will fade away and that great rewards will be given to those whom the scales favor.

The turbulence being felt throughout the world will be quelled for the righteous and magnified for the wicked beyond this eclipse. The truth of the universal Law of Polarity will be on full display in the weeks ahead. Expect polar shifts of power that create dramatic transformations of lifestyles, especially within the context of the relationships that either enhance or degrade our lives. The way in which humanity is interconnected is about to be re-ordered with resplendence!

This blood moon and its cycle will offer us signs in high places that will come in the form of the destruction of evil unions and alliances of all shapes and sizes. Our enemies rely on unity to function globally. They rely on a certain level of trust and cooperation. These bonds are about to be replaced with disaster after astonishing disaster which will loosen their grip on world power. Live peacefully as chaos fills their world and know that the masons will have the worst of it…

Now I have predictions for those of you who love God, as follows: that your friendships will blossom unbelievably, that great joys will come to couples, that marriages will be revitalized, that disputes will be resolved, that justice will be done, that tremendous opportunities and blissful obligations will find you, that dreams will come true, that days will be sweetened, that love will return between families, and that your ability to trust in God will skyrocket.

I have a few pearls for those who value them, dyed to the times, of course. Honor the relationships which have proved themselves through time. Invest in them now more than ever. Forgive small things and build bonds of titanium. Power and wealth will rise through relationships in all of their glorious forms. Gain wisdom through the observance of exchange. Bring the wealth of peace with you wherever you are. Honor all vows and commitments. Extend hands to those who seek a better life and let trust be the bridge that makes the impossible journey possible.

The conquering king is near and Babylon falls to fear. Moons of blood fulfill the Word their death is nigh you all have heard. Swords and stars will slice them up and wisdom makes the sweetest cup. Peace and bliss to all who love we have mighty friends above. Apocalypse but don’t you sweat it only blesses God’s elect. Lightning bolts will make their marks and peace will come with Heaven’s harps.

Heroes hear me, take the lead, you have everything you need. Reach inside and tap your fire and you will find your last desire. The cosmos shows us, look ahead, you’ll find all these words you’ve read. And with that said lets break some bread, evil read my words with dread.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

Copyright 2014, Salvador Russo, All Rights Reserved. This message can be shared freely in full integrity with citation to

Salvador Russo

Scholar, seeker, traveler, adventurer - all words that do me great justice. The military was my initiation into my 'Sagittarian Story' where my adolescence rapidly evolved and matured from an abundance of 'colorful' life experiences. Towards the twilight of my triumphant military campaign, as my ambitions burned relentlessly in my heart, I accepted a lucrative yet incredibly demanding position in Kuwait. It was in those unforgiving desert wastes, unplugged from the many matrices of control that I grew accustomed to where I began a rebirth that ultimately led me to a new, more enchanting desert locale: Arizona. Nothing could have prepared me for the multi-dimensional awakening that has unfolded here in Arizona of which Astrology has played a tremendous role. My self study into this Sacred Science enlightened me to the mind-numbing synchronistic majesty that is interwoven into the tapestry of life. Empowered with the wisdom of the heavens, I analyzed my own life at the soul level and much to my amazement I realized that from a professional perspective, I was destined to be an Intuitive Astrologer! After deep contemplation and loving, clairvoyantly-blessed encouragement from my soulmate Alexis, I aligned with my destiny and totally embraced my calling. Ever since, my skill and talent has been exploding at a rate that defies even my own admittedly high personal standards and expectations - and therein lies one of the most beautiful aspects of what I do: I reveal to people what their true calling is that they may enjoy their God-given rights of limitless joy, fulfillment, success, and most importantly, spiritual evolution. With my new-found cosmic vantage my desire and intention is to empower people by aligning them with their destiny while helping them understand what their unique role is as we all march towards the 2012 event horizon and into the Age of Aquarius, mankind's Golden Age.If living in sync with Cosmic Order sounds appealing to you I welcome you to read my free Intuitive Astrology status updates at my Starseed Astrology Fan Page on Facebook which will help you do just that. Until development is complete my services and rates are available upon request.In cosmic service,Astrologer Salvador RussoLinkedIn Twitter

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