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Life Path Number 3

Numerology Life Path Number 3 You possess a great talent for creativity and self expression.

Many writers, poets, actors and musicians are born under the 3 Life Path. You are witty, possess a gift for gab, and savor the limelight.

Your talent for the expressive arts is so abundant that you may well have felt drawn to becoming an artist while still very young. Your artistic abilities can only be developed, however, through discipline and commitment to the true development of your talent. Commitment, concentration and hard work are the only means of bringing forth your talent.

You Like Attention

Thanks to your gift for self expression, you can be the life of the party, and the center of attention. However, you could easily squander your talent by becoming a social butterfly.

Your creativity is the gift that can give you the comfort and luxury you desire, but not without continual focus and discipline. You are optimistic and possess the resilience to overcome many setbacks. You are socially active, popular, and inspire people with your sunny 'happy go lucky' attitude.

You Can Be Too Generous

Many people born under the 3 Life Path have difficulty handling money because they can be disorganized and not particularly serious about their responsibilities.

You are emotional and vulnerable. When hurt, you withdraw into a cloud of silence, eventually emerging from your reticence with jokes and laughter that cover up your true feelings. You can become moody and cynical when depressed. You can succumb to sarcastic remarks, which can be painful to those around you.

You Can Inspire

When used positively, your talent for self expression can be a great inspiration force in the world, uplifting others, and bringing much success and happiness to you.

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Famous Life Path 3's

Alec Baldwin, Andrew Weil, Barbara Walters, Bill Cosby, Bob Vadas, Enya, Hillary Clinton, Jack Welch, Jimmy Buffett, Jodie Foster, John Travolta, Josh Grobin, Linda McCartney, Melanie Griffith, Pierce Brosnan, Shania Twain, Sonny Barger

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