The Zero Point Field and Law of Resonance
The human being is a dual being and in the scientific paradigm of physics today, he is both a particle and a wave.
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Getting Married? Read this before you change your name!
By: Nancy Laine
Research shows that more and more women are keeping their own names after marrying. If you haven't yet decided, here's a unique look at the subject. We interviewed Nancy Laine, our resident Numerologist and an internationally-known Name Consultant, to learn how she uses Numerology to help her clients with this important decision.

Nancy, what are some of the reasons that 25% of women are NOT changing their names these days?

Well, first there are the practical considerations...the inconvenience of changing your social security card, driver's license, business cards, investment records, car title, bank loans, and credit cards. Then there are the issues of maintaining your credit rating and becoming untraceable to childhood friends. And finally, many women natu...
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***all times are PDT***monday september 7th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 1:21am when the sun in virgo semisextiles stationary and just gone direct venus in leo, this is the very first aspect venus ma...
***all times are PDT***monday august 24th-
the first aspect of the day and week occurs at 3:25am when mercury in virgo contraparallels the north node in libra, energetically aligning the conscious mind and intellect with...
***all times are PDT***monday august 17th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 7:25am when mercury in virgo parallels juno in virgo, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the asteroid Goddess of par...
I wanted to share some new insight on my approach as I have been writing my book "Optical Universe".

Lately, I have been getting a consistent reminder from Spirit, my wonderful insightful wife, and others, about ho...
Time is a beautiful gift on Earth. It supports your understanding and your evolution into the future. It provides a platform for desire to refine into form. Life evolves, devolves, resolves and triumphs through the grace of t...
Feeling more sensitive or on edge regarding a relationship? Use Friday's new moon energies to help you uncover new approaches to healing what's out of balance. This particular new moon cycle indeed is likely to shine a spotli...
Hello friends. What an odd and interesting week it's been. As of this writing (8/12) we are in the final bit of the Lionsgate (888) portal energies that are expected to wind down today. It's a good thing too, as I don't know ...
***all times are PDT***monday august 10th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in airy, cerebral, sociable gemini at the start of the day and in the early morning hours luna moves into her home sign of cancer. ...
the new moon at 21'31 leo is exact on friday august 14th, 2015 at 7:53am PDT. with the new moon in the sign of the sun- we have a lunar month unfolding that is focused on our expression of creativity, passion, confidence, sel...
Dear One, how you focus your brilliant heart and mind creates a force of vibrational frequency that effects life. It breaks down barriers, it builds walls, it cloaks a Truth that is just out of range to your conscious awarene...
By: zooniyaa - 10 Oct 15
The dark side of the light? It is a place that all of us have dipped our toe into at times. Let me talk about PTSD. That is my dark side. It has been a visitor since I was 21 years old I am now 71. The battle with PTSD has been long, hard and painful at times. You see PTSD is a coward it waits in dark recesses of the soul. It waits until you are stressed, tired, heart broken and lonesome. Then it teams with Depression. First they throw anxiety at you, now you are uncomfortable. Your foot taps, your breath is shallow and you don't know why. It is constant from the time your eyes open until ...
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