Secret Resonance

Secret Resonance

Music was once the center of the pre-Christian world view because it provided a laboratory to understand astronomy, biology and the physics of harmony in nature. As civilizations grew out of tribal society, they designed their laws and judicial systems on the principles of harmony. But with the fall of Rome, Christianity became politicized by emperor Constantine and 'pagan' knowledge of harmony in nature was forbidden. This was even legislated by Church law and enforced by the Inquisition for hundreds of years, harmonic knowledge was pushed underground. As a result, Western science, education, politics, economics and environmental policies have all been founded on the assumption of disharmony and discord in nature and society.

In this section we examine the causes and possible solutions that will increase awareness of this ancient knowledge and help bring about a return to social harmony.

Richard Merrick, Author,
Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory

What is Nature's
Divine Frequency?
Learn more anout the 432Hz frequency and what is different between this natural tone and that of modern day tuning of 440Hz.
Divine Music